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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


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Android Latest Security Updates, More Than 100 Vulnerabilities Patched by Google   The search engine giant “Google” has patched around 107 security vulnerabilities of its Linux-based mobile operating system “Android”. In “Android Security Bulletin- 2017”, google has announced that an on-the-air (OTA) update has been released by the company. This update is for all the android based devices including Pixel and Nexus. Out of 107 security vulnerabilities,

Android Ghost Push Malware is Infecting 600,000 Devices Every day!     In this era of smartphones, 80% people are using android based smartphones and other devices. Android Malvertising is very common nowadays. Recently, Ghost Push named android malware has been detected by security researchers at "Cheetah Mobile Security". Hackers are targeting innocent android users by uploading malicious android applications on third-party app stores. These third party app stores do n

Hackers are Spending Too Many Dollars to Create Dangerous Mobile Malwares!   Do you ever think, how Hackers are creating Malwares? Okay, let us explain. Advancement in technology is benefit for users as well as hackers. In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone. For earning profits, hackers are targeting smartphones. Hackers are developing dangerous mobile malwares, which are capable to steal financial details of any normal user from his smartphone. According to a security analy

Beware Android Users! “Xbot” Trojan is stealing Banking Credentials! The security researchers at Palo Alto Networks, found a new Trojan in Android Devices. The name of this Trojan is Xbot and this is capable to steal all the sensitive data from your device. This Trojan is not widely spread yet but it is targeting the devices in Russia and Australia. This Trojan can steal online banking login credentials of users. It is a ransomware which can hold file hostage of any device. T

Chinese Expert Hijack Android Smartphone using Google Chrome! MobilePwn2Own is a hacking contest, in which hackers take challenges to exploit the mobile phones and other devices using previously unknown vulnerabilities. In the contest of this year a Chinese expert shows the audience how to hijack an Android Smartphone by exploiting a zero-day bug in Google Chrome. “Guang Gong” is working as a security researcher in famous anti-threat security company “Qihoo 360”. At Pac

OmniRAT Malware is targeting Android, Mac, Windows, Linux systems! Few days ago we posted about DroidJack application, which was working as a RAT and European Police was on a hunt to find out the cybercriminals behind it. A new malware named OmniRAT has been found by some security companies which is doing the same task. DroidJack was infecting only android devices but this malware can control not only Android, but also Windows, Linux, Mac systems. This malware has been detected by famou

41 percent mobile phones are at high risk! Skycure (a mobile threat defense company) has given a report, which states that 41 percent of all mobile devices are at high risk. They could be infected anytime by malware or backdoor. Skycure analysis the global mobile data between July and September 2015 and found this. They also said that 2 percent of global mobile phones are already under the control of malware. According to Skycure more than 52 percent of all mobile phones are not e

Tips for Android phone users! Android platform has so many weak points. The way with which the apps on android device communicate crucial information with the servers, is one from its biggest weaknesses. Most of the communication methods in android are unencrypted and hackers can exploit this type of vulnerabilities to steal the user’s credentials. There is also an issue with the encryption. Android smart phone could be exposed to hackers by the third-party advertising software. This is

PaloAlto Networks discover Vulnerability in Android Installer which may lead to hijacking of Android and expose users to Malware installation without their consent. Malware Distribution has always be the favorite work of Cybercriminals to attack the users and get money out of it. Whether Banking malware or whether System malware, each of them have same target - making money for their author. Malware are spread by their authors in various ways. Everyday Researchers discover these new ways cybe