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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


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This Christmas- Groupon Customers Are The Target of Hackers To Steal Money     The Groupon is the US-based e-commerce company which is providing its services in 28 countries. This company is a marketplace which connects the users with local merchants. The users of Groupon are reporting that someone is placing orders on their behalf. It seems like, the cyber crooks have stolen the credentials of Groupon customers from anywhere because they are using accurate credentials of victims

Online Learning Platform Lynda.Com Has Been Hacked!     The is one of the best online learning platforms, which is offering more than 4000 courses. This platform was founded “Lynda Weinman” and “Bruce Heavin” in 1995. In April 2015, LinkedIn had purchased this platform for $1.5 Billion. Further, the LinkedIn has been purchased by Microsoft for $26.2 Billion. This Sunday, the support team of Lynda.

IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur Hacked By An Indian Hacker Cryptolulz666     Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), is the top rated higher level education institution of INDIA which is one from the world's top 200 colleges. The branches of IIT are located in 23 different states and cities of INDIA. The students of whole INDIA dreams to took admission in IIT. They work hard to do so. But an Indian Hacker is doing something different to be accepted by IIT B

Madison Square Garden Data Breach, Credit Card Details Stolen By Hackers     The database of United States based, multi-purpose indoor arena Madison Square Garden has been breached by the hackers. Yesterday, the company informed its users about this data breach. According to MSG (Madison Square Garden), security experts have found a Point of Sale (PoS) malware in their payment processing systems. This malware was tracing all the information of swiped cards. The shocking fact is, t

Official Website of “Eastern India Regional Council” Hacked, 17000 User Accounts Exposed     A few days ago, 7 Indian Embassies which are located in different countries had been hacked by 17-year-old “Kapustkiy” named hacker. Now, the official website of Eastern India Regional Council has been hacked by the same hacker. 17000 users of “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of INDIA” have been affected by this hack. As a proof, Kapustkiy posted

The Public Wi-Fi Network of Whole “Israeli City” Hacked By This Hacker     We often warn our readers about the use of “Free Public Wi-Fi” networks. The reason is, these networks are not secured and are easily hackable. Today's article is its biggest example. The public Wi-Fi network of an Israeli city hacked by a 26 years old  “Amihai Neiderman” named hacker. This hacker is working as a head of research at Israel-bas

6 Websites of Adult Friend Finder Network Hacked, 412 Million User Accounts Exposed     A large network of dating and 18+ websites has been operated by Friend Finder Network Inc. 6 adult websites of this company have been hacked and the sexual secrets of its 412 million users are exposed. It is the biggest data breach of 2016 so far. Till now, Data breach of Myspace was on top with 360 Million exposed account. Friend Finder suffered two data breaches in last two years. This data b

Indian Embassies Hacked By Two Grey Hat Hackers!     A security expert who breaks laws sometimes to get into any system but doesn't harm the system by doing any malicious activity is called “Grey Hat Hacker”. The databases of Indian Embassies, which are located in Mali, Italy, Malawi, Switzerland, Romania and Libya have been breached by two grey hat hackers. The databases of these embassies were vulnerable to SQLi Attack 

Users are reporting, Remote Tool “Team Viewer” has Been Hacked!   Team Viewer is most used remote tech support tool. It have Millions of users worldwide. A number of users are reporting that hackers are using their systems through Team Viewer. According to users, hackers are accessing their laptops and desktops by hacking this support tool, but Company is not accepting this.  The security team of Team Viewer is denying all of these incidents.   Use

Hackers Are Spreading Adult Links By Hacking Twitter Accounts!   According to a report of Symantec’s security researchers, hackers are spreading Adult Links through Twitter. Hackers are mainly targeting high profile twitter accounts. Approximately 2500 high profile Twitter accounts are under control of these cyber crooks. The links which they are spreading, are directly tricking the victims to visit the adult sites, which they have created. When a victim will visit that website, t