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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


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The Confidential Confide Messenger is Hackable, Claimed by Security Firm IOActive!     In this digital era, you will find a number of chat messengers in application stores. The “Confide” is one of them. This app is promoting itself as the most secured confidential messenger. No doubt, the Confide app has been adopted by the United States white house staff as well. The Confide claims that we are using military-grade end-to-end encryption to transfer messages within a ne

NextGEN Gallery WordPress Plugin is Vulnerable- Millions of Websites Are At Risk     The “NextGEN Gallery” plugin is the fifth most famous plugin of WordPress. According to Wikipedia, till July 2016 this plugin had been installed by 15 million users. The number of current users could be very high. The “NextGEN Gallery” is an open source image management plugin. The web admins are using this plugin to manage image media of their websites. Millions of website

Out of 45000 Total WordPress Plugins, 8800 Are Vulnerable     The WordPress is the most used Content Management System. Millions of websites are using this PHP and MySQL based CMS. If you are also using WordPress for your websites, then this news could make you a little bit worry. There are around 48000 plugins which are available on the official website of WordPress and security firm RIPS Technologies has scanned a directory of 45000 plugins. The security experts of RIPS Technolo

All The Codes Generated by PHP FormMail Generator are Vulnerable     Read-to-use web forms builder, PHP FormMail generator has multiple security vulnerabilities. This is a single instance website which creates PHP codes for standard web forms. Further, developers use this code to implement forms in WordPress and PHP websites. All these vulnerabilities have been discovered by Pouya Darabi (An Independent Security Researcher). These vulnerabilities are openly inviting an attacker to

By Exploiting This Office 365 Flaw, Attackers Can Send You Malicious Emails     Every windows user is also using Office 365 to maintain his business records and daily work. A major security vulnerability in Office 365 has been discovered by a Turkish security researcher, which is allowing attackers to send spoofed malicious emails from a fake “” address. The name of this Turkish security researcher is “Utku Sen”. He is a cyber-se

Alert For Windows 10 Users! Update Your System Immediately to Patch 9 Critical Vulnerabilities! Microsoft has released a latest security update on Tuesday to patch 9 critical vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities has been discovered by security researchers in Internet Explorer, Edge Browser, Microsoft Graphics Component, Microsoft Office, Windows Boot Manager and Windows PDF library. This update has been released by Microsoft to patch total 9 security flaws and 5 of them has been ranke

Update Your “Novell Filr” ASAP, Several Vulnerabilities Discovered By Researcher!   Are you using “Filr” for sharing and accessing your corporate data? If yes, please update your “Filr” as soon as possible. Researchers of SEC Consult, discovered several security flaws in it. Filr is a widely used tool by corporate giants to access and share official files. Filr is a product of British Software Company “Micro Focus”. It was first deve

4,00,000 Devices of D-Link are Vulnerable including Webcams, Modems and Storage Devices!     About a month ago, a major security flaw was discovered by Security Researchers of Senrio in Wi-Fi cameras of D-Link.  The DCS-930L model of D-Link’s wi-fi cameras was vulnerable and it was allowing attackers to take root privileges by sending a specially crafted command. The products of D-Link are one from the highest selling products of Amazon. From here you can guess, how man

Amazon's Top Selling Product, D-Link Wifi Camera is Hackable! A major vulnerability has been found by security researchers of Senrio (An IOT Security Startup) in Wifi Cameras of D-Link. According to the researchers, hackers could reset the password of D-Link Wifi Camera by exploiting this vulnerability. After resetting the password, hackers could completely control the video feed of the camera. D-Link Wifi camera is one from the highest selling products of Amazon. Now you can gu

Are You Using CISCO WSA Security Appliance? It is Vulnerable to DoS Attacks!“CISCO WSA” is a well-known Web Security Appliance of CISCO and it is using AsyncOS operating system to run itself. This operating system have a number of vulnerabilities which are allowing hackers to perform DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on it. To fix these security issues, an update has been released by CISCO. Here is a list of those vulnerabilities:CVE-2016-1380CVE-2016-1381 CVE-2016-1382 CVE-2016-1383  The