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OmniRAT Malware is targeting Android, Mac, Windows, Linux systems!

Few days ago we posted about DroidJack application, which was working as a RAT and European Police was on a hunt to find out the cybercriminals behind it. A new malware named OmniRAT has been found by some security companies which is doing the same task. DroidJack was infecting only android devices but this malware can control not only Android, but also Windows, Linux, Mac systems.

This malware has been detected by famous malware security firm Avast. According to Avast, OmniRAT appears to be of German origin. Avast promises that this “Remote Administration Tool’’ can take full access of Android smart phones, Window systems, Mac systems and Some Linux/Unix systems.

After investigation Avast said that the code of this malware is being used in Germany, Due to Stagefright bug of android, victim received a text message that claimed to be unable to show an image. But this Stagefright bug has been fixed by Android now. To view the image, victim needs to download an app and that app is this malware. When user download any software from an unknown or third party app store, he will obviously saw a long list of privacy policies and set off warning signs. But here the problem is that he will never read it a single time before installation. This is the beneficial point for the cybercriminals. Google’s permission model also show privacy or privileges required for software but user does not care about it.

If OmniRAT is installed in any system, it proves very difficult to get rid of it. It is very difficult to uninstall, deleting the original downloaded software files are not enough to through it out form the system. The controller of this software can completely access the device and he can also make calls, can steal sensitive data etc. Controller can also take the access of many other devices by sending them code of it.

Nikolaos Chrysaidos (Mobile malware and Security Analyst of Avast) said,” From the Techboard-online forum, criminals are targeting the German persons be collecting their data. The data has been sent back to a Domain, which is from Russia. This domain is based on the Command and Control (C&C) servers.

The lifetime license of OmniRAT for both servers and clients is very cheap. It is only of $25 and $50.Whereas DroidJack was very costly as compare to it. The price of DroidJack in the market was $200. This is cheaper thatswhy criminals are using it for illegal acticities.


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