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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


We are here to help you solve your biggest query- where and how to start? CDI has brought various courses in Ethical Hacking in Chandigarh where all you technology lovers will be given the much needed push to move forward and create a niche for yourself in the field. From Beginner to Expert level we have many kinds of training patterns.

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Digital Forensic Investigation Services

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Cyber Defence Intelligence's Forensic experts provides the most comprehensive analysis and leading solutions for digital forensic investigation. With a highly skilled professional teams of forensic experts CDI is one of India's leading forensic service provider. Volatile data, network analysis, mobile devices analysis, the forensic service spectrum delivered by CDI is most trusted and leading service providers.


Digital Forensic Investigation Services

Why Cyber Defence Intelligence for forensic investigation?

Our investigation provides a complete 360 degree picture of the what and who was the involved. CDI is known worldwide for the Forensic investigations providing the solutions to the problems by our professionals. We leverage our technical staff and technology for providing efficient analysis and acquisition of all cases.


Digital Forensic Investigation Services consists of:

Digital Forensic investigation services provided by Cyber Defence Intelligence consists of following cases:

  • Intellectual property theft investigations and detection
  • Criminal cases
  • Civil cases
  • HR investigations
  • Fraud investigation
  • and much more..

For more contact our technical team.

SAKSHI JAIN  I am Sakshi Jain pursuing M.Sc. Digital Forensics and Information Security Sem-3, Institute of Forensic Science from Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I am Interested for the Internship/job in your Company.

Nov 10, 2017

Aakash Mehta Hello, I habe done Post Graduation with Digital & Cyber Forensics Investigation from AESICS School of Computer Studies Ahmedabad University. I have the experience of 5 Months working in the field of Disk Forensics from eSF Labs Ltd. I am looking for job right now in the Digital Forensic field. Please contact me regarding job.

Sep 5, 2016

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