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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


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Android Forums Data Breach- Reset Your Passwords ASAP     Are you an Android Forums user? If yes, then reset your password as soon as possible. A data breach has been reported by the Android Forums. According to the moderators of Android Forums, a security vulnerability has been exploited by the hackers to access website database. The Android Forums said, only 2.5 percent users are the victims of this data breach. The victims, who are using

Pwn2Own 2017 First Day Report – MS Edge, Adobe Reader, Ubuntu and Safari Browser Hacked By Researchers   The biggest hacking contest “Pwn2Own” has been started. The “Pwn2Own 2017” is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Vancouver city of Canada. This year’s Pwn2Own contest has been organized by Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) and security firm Trend Micro. In Pwn2Own 2017, hackers from every corner of the world are doing work together to exploit “Zer

“Avast” Released a Free Decryption Tool for “FindZip Mac OS Ransomware” Victims The security researchers at ESET detected a “FindZip macOS” named ransomware last month. It was tracked by the security experts as “OSX/Filecoder.E”. It was a specially designed ransomware to target Mac OS users only. This ransomware was written by its authors in “SWIFT” language and cyber crooks were spreading this ransomware through Torrent websites. The hackers were manipulating Mac users to d

Magento Online Stores- Hackers Are Stealing Credit Card Details Through Realex Payment Module   The Magento is a most used open source e-commerce platform, which had been released by Varien Inc. in March 2008. This PHP based e-commerce platform has millions of active user. The security firm Sucuri has detected a security incident, in which hackers are stealing payment card details of users from online Magento stores. To do so, hackers are abusing “Realex P

Dark Web – 6,40,000 PlayStation User Accounts On Sale    The Dark Web is the best marketplace for bad actors to sell illegal products like drugs, weapons, and stolen ID cards. The hackers are also using this black internet market to sell stolen user accounts. A seller is selling 6,40,000 PlayStation user accounts for 0.0292 BTC (35.71 USD) on the dark web. This seller is using “SunTzu583” as its dark web moniker. According to a blog post of HackRead, the same

Coachella Festival Data Breached, 1 Million Personal Details Stolen By Hackers   The Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival was founded by “Rick Van Santen” and “Paul Tollet” in 1999. It is an annual festival which held in Indio, California at the Empire Polo Club. Thousands of people come to enjoy this festival from the every corner of the world. A shocking revelation has been made by the promoters of “Coachella Festival” that the database of &ldqu

Singapore- Government System Hacked, Information Stolen By Bad Actors     The Defence Ministry of Singapore hit by a cyber-attack. The personal information of more than 800 employees and Singapore National Servicemen, has been stolen by the hackers. The news has been confirmed by Singapore Defence Ministry on Tuesday. The stolen information contains contact numbers, national ID numbers, and dates of birth. According to the Defence Ministry, the hacke

CyberZeist (@cyberzeist2) Hacked FBI Website And Leaked Data on PasteBin     The official website ( of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been hacked by black hat hacker CyberZeist. It is the same hacker, who hacked the FBI website in 2011. The hacker is also available on twitter as @cyberzeist2. The hacker leaked 155 FBI accounts on Pastebin. The leaked data includes email addresses, names, Passwords (SHA1 Encrypted) and SHA1 Salts. The CyberZeist (@cy

This New iOS Bug Allowing Attackers To Crash Messaging App of Any iPhone     Another iPhone bug has been discovered by the owner of famous YouTube channel “EverythingApplePro”. This bug is allowing attackers to crash “Messaging App” of any iPhone Model. A single text message is enough to exploit this security bug of iPhone. When the victim clicks on the message, the messaging app will be crashed and he can’t read any text message, MMS, and iMessage. T

@Cryptolulz666 Hacked Hong Kong’s “The Standard Newspaper” & “Dutch Chamber of Commerce”     A few days ago, we wrote an article about the hack of “IIT Kharagpur” and “IIT Bombay” which had been hacked by an INDIAN hacker Cryptolulz (@Cryptolulz666 on twitter). This hacker is the former member of a hacking group “Powerful Greek Army” which is famous for hacking various go