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Cyber Security Certification Training

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Skill Series

SQL injection Attack/Defence

Course Fee: Rs. 3800.00/$50.00

SQL Injection is a major attack, that’s why it is at number one in OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 atta... View more

Intrusion Detection Systems

Course Fee: Rs. 1500.00/$20.00

In this Two days webinar we will Start with introduction and comparison of various open source IDS systems available . Later we w... View more

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack/Defence

Course Fee: Rs. 3800.00/$50.00

A Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability may allow hackers to inject malicious coded scripts in web pages of a web application. ... View more

Windows OS Securtiy

Course Fee: Rs. 3800.00/$50.00

Windows is the most used Operating System now a days. Linux is a command based operating system therefore a normal user always giv... View more

Certification Series

CDI- CWSE (Certified Web Security Expert)

Course Fee: Rs. 5000.00/$90.00

CWSE (Certified Web Security Expert) is a one month course, in which CDI will explain to security geeks that how cybercriminals ar... View more

CDI- CNSE (Certified Network Security Expert)

Course Fee: Rs. 15000.00/$200.00

Network Security is a must for every business. A small loophole can allow hackers to control your complete network system. Cyber C... View more

CDI- CDFE (Certified Digital Forensic Expert)

Course Fee: Rs. 23115.00/$300.00

Digital Forensic is a branch of Forensic Science. Digital Forensic means, finding evidence from digital media and information. It ... View more


Course Fee: Rs. 60000.00/$900.00

DURATION The course is for 6 Months divided into different regular sessions. This CISE Program is designed in a way to c... View more

CDI-CMA ( Certified Malware Analyst)

Course Fee: Rs. 60000.00/$1000.00

  Reverse engineering training - Malware Analysis training is a popular course which is specially designed for malwar... View more

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