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CDI- CNSE (Certified Network Security Expert)

Network Security is a must for every business. A small loophole can allow hackers to control your complete network system. Cyber Crooks can bring down....

Duration: 30 Days
Course Fee: INR 15000.00/ USD 200.00

Network Security is a must for every business. A small loophole can allow hackers to control your complete network system. Cyber Crooks can bring down your business from top to bottom. In industry, your competitors can hire black hat guys to do the as we mentioned above. Why to give them a chance to do this, make yourself able to defend all the network attacks. CDI- CNSE (Certified Network Security Expert) is a one month training program of Cyber Defence Intelligence for Network Administrators, Security Geeks and Students. Anyone can join this course to learn security techniques which are helpful to establish a secure network system.

During this one moth Network Security Training Program, we will discuss which types of attacks hackers can perform on a network system and how to defend it. The main motive of this training program is to aware the network administrators, security geeks and students about both software and hardware security flaws (vulnerabilities) which allows hackers to make entry in a network system.

Internet is another world in itself. A network system is a safe of your business which is handling all the informational activities. Make this safe secure enough that nobody can think about breaking it down.

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1. Candidates will learn how various type of network protocols are doing their work. Attendees will learn about the ports, which has been used by network protocols for performing various types of tasks.

2. All the attendees will know about OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Model. As it has seven different layers, you will learn how all the seven layers are doing their work and how they are different from each other.

3. Proper understanding of TCP/IP model is a must to establish a secure network system. In this training program, you will learn about TCP/IP in detail.

4. You will learn how to analyze network packets by using “Wireshark”. Candidates will also learn security methods to establish a secure WiFi connection.

5. You will also learn Packet Crafting (by using hping2, hping3 and Scapy), Metasploit and Server Hijacking. All the attendees will learn, how than can fix their network vulnerabilities after scanning whole network with N-map (Network Mapper).

6. Candidates will read about Windows possible threats, Linux Security Measures, Database Security Priciples and Linux Server Hardening.

7.All the candidates will learn, how hackers can control computer systems with Trojans and RAT by doing live practical.

1. Complete basic knowledge of Linux, Networking, Protocols and OSI Model.

2. How TCP/IP is playing its role in networking. Why it is different and advance from other protocols.

3. How to detect running services and scan ports with the help of N-map.

4. Manual packets crafting with hping and scapy. It will be helpful to test a target network system.

5. How to install network firewalls and which security rules you should use to establish a secure network.

6. How to maintain Wifi Security to keep the attackers away from your networks.

7. How to detect common Windows and Linux threats which can harm your system and their mitigation techniques.

8. How to apply basic database security principles to maintain the security of sensitive information. A little basic mistake can cause a huge proboem.

9. Linux and Windows server hardening.

1. Attendees should be familiar with both Windows and Linux OS. They should also be familiar with virtual box or VMware player.

2. Basics of Networking such as how protocols works, which protocols are important in Networking should be clear to all the candidates.

3. Attendees should have an idea of most common network level cyber-attacks.

4. Basic idea about IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), Antivirus Tools and Network Malwares.

5. Candidates should be familiar with basic commands of Linux and Windows.

CNSE (Certified Network Security Expert) is a one month training program. All the above mentioned topics are just an overview. There are a lot of other things to learn.

1. We will start from basics of network. In the first 3 days of training, we will discuss all the layers of OSI model, Role of TCP/IP Suite in networking, various type of network protocols and basic commands of Linux.

2. After discussing basics of network, we will move towards OS detection, ongoing services detection and port scanning with the help of N-Map (Network Mapper). We will spend 2 days on N-Map and next 2 days on Firewall Evasion. Firewalls are helpful to protect network from threats, but proper implementation of security rules is a must for it.

3. Metasploit is an open source framework. We can hack into vulnerable systems by exploiting their vulnerabilities through Metasploit but only for testing purpose. We will spend 3 days on Metasploit. It will be great experience.

4. Packet crafting is a technique, which network administrators can use to test a target network system. In Packet crafting we can create network packets manually to manipulate network security rules. To understand this process properly, we will spend 4 days on packet crafting tools Hping2, Hping3 and Scapy.

5. In next one week of training we will cover topics like, Network Hacking by setting own security rules, Server Hijacking, How to detect Advance Persistence threats and how to design a secure network.

6. In all the remaining days of training, we will read common possible Windows and Linux security threats, database security principles, Windows Server hardening, Linux server hardening, Remote computer hijacking, Linux Security Measurements and windows security measurements.

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