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CDI- CWSE (Certified Web Security Expert)

CWSE (Certified Web Security Expert) is a one month course, in which CDI will explain to security geeks that how cybercriminals are targeting web appl....

Duration: 7 Days
Course Fee: INR 5000.00/ USD 90.00

CWSE (Certified Web Security Expert) is a one month course, in which CDI will explain to security geeks that how cybercriminals are targeting web applications, internet users, servers and that every thing which is a part of cyber world. We will start from OWASP Top 10 Cyber Attacks. SQL Injection Attack, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack, CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Attacks, Broken Authentication & Session Management, DoS (Denial of Service) Attack and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack will be our main topics.

Later we will discuss how cyber crooks are targeting small and big business websites. Not only websites or databases, hackers are targeting innocent internet users by doing social engineering attacks, phishing attacks, spoofing and ransomware attacks.

Your Security is in your hands. You can’t blame anyone if cybercriminals are targeting you. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware about cyber-attacks and learn how to defeat hackers.

No Batch Available In This Course Yet.

1. Attendees will get to know about OWASP and Top 10 Attacks of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

2. After that attendees will learn, how hackers found vulnerabilities in web applications, how they exploit it and how they got access of databases.

3. Attendees will learn, why hackers target innocent internet users through social engineering attacks, phishing attacks and many other advance techniques.

4. Attendees will learn how to keep their money, personal information and sensitive data safe from hackers and other black hat activists.

5. Attendees will learn how to mitigate those security vulnerabilities, which are helping hackers to breach databases by performing cyber-attacks.

1. How to keep yourself safe from phishing attacks, spoofing attacks and ransomware attacks.

2. How hackers exploit SQL Injection Vulnerabilities, Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities, Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities and all that security flaws which are helpful for hackers to breach databases.

3. What security mitigations you can use to keep your web application, server and database safe from cyber-attacks.

4. How to identify black hat activities, which has been performed by hackers to target users, companies and social media users. How to keep yourself and you system safe from these threats.

5. How to safely survive on internet.

1. Candidates should be familiar with basics of front end languages for better understanding of topics.

2. Attendees should be aware about social media and other online services. It will be easy for attendees to understand advanced security techinques, if they are already a part of cyber world.

3. Basics of web architecture should be clear to attendees, such as how websites works, various types of protocol and OSI Model etc.

4. Attendees should be familiar with both Windows and Linux operating system.

CWSE (Certified Web Security Expert) is a one month training program.

1. In First 5 Days of training we will clear all the basics of web security. During these days we will discuss which protocols we should to provide basic security to web applications, what security implementation we can apply on client level and many more.

2. In next 20 days we will learn about OWASP Top 10 attacks. We will do live practical for better understanding of cyber-attacks, such as SQL Injection Attack, XSS Attack, CSRF Attack, Broken Authentication& Security Misconfiguration, DoS and DDoS Attack and many other cyber threats. We will also discuss all the security methods, which we should use to protect our web application and database from these cyber-attacks.

3. During the last 5 days of this training, we will discuss how hackers target innocent internet users through social engineering attacks, by spreading backdoors, by phishing attacks, by spoofing and by ransomware attacks. We will discuss, how we can get rid from these attacks.

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