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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


We are here to help you solve your biggest query- where and how to start? CDI has brought various courses in Ethical Hacking in Chandigarh where all you technology lovers will be given the much needed push to move forward and create a niche for yourself in the field. From Beginner to Expert level we have many kinds of training patterns.

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DDoS Attack Security Provider Incapsula, Hit By 650 Gbps DDoS Attack     The Incapsula is a website security provider which has been originally operated by a US-based company Imperva. This cloud-based application delivery platform deals in website security, DDoS protection, and many other services. This official website of Incapsula hit by a DDoS attack on 21st December 2016. All of you are well introduced with Mirai Botnet which is a reason behind biggest DDoS Attacks. But this t

80 Sony IP CCTV Camera Models Are Affected With Two Secret Backdoors       Most of the private and government organizations are using IP-based security camera to keep their eye on sensitive places such as server rooms. According to a report of Austria-based security firm SEC Consult, hackers could compromise IP-based cameras of “Sony” companies because two backdoor accounts are available in their current firmware version. Around 80 models of Sony IP cameras conta

Distributed Guessing Attack- A Six Seconds Attack to Hack VISA Payment System without Card Details     A new method has been discovered by a team of security researchers at Newcastle University the United Kingdom, to hack VISA Credit and Debit cards in just six seconds. The name of the attack is Distributed Guessing Attack. It works same as brute force attack and dictionary attack. This attack is nothing more than a successful guess. Security researchers showed that attackers can

Biggest Irish Telecommunication Company Eir Hit By DDoS Attack     Eir (Eircom) is an Irish telecommunication company which provides mobile, the internet, digital TV and broadband services. The headquarter of Eir is located in Dublin and its annual revenue is around 1.3 Billion Euros. Recently, a major DDoS (Denial of Service) attack has been organized by the hackers against email systems of Eir. The company has more than 4,00,000 active email users. All these users were facing pr

BestBuy Hackers Are Offering Mirai Botnet To Fellow Hackers As a Paid DDoS Service     All are introduced with Mirai Botnet. This botnet is becoming cancer for IoT devices. Hackers have performed major DDoS attack by using this Mirai Botnet. Hackers can easily compromise poorly configured IoT (internet of things) devices with the help of Mirai Botnet. DDoS attack on DynDNS service was the result of compromised IoT devices. Moreover, the largest DDoS attack till the date was p

The Public Wi-Fi Network of Whole “Israeli City” Hacked By This Hacker     We often warn our readers about the use of “Free Public Wi-Fi” networks. The reason is, these networks are not secured and are easily hackable. Today's article is its biggest example. The public Wi-Fi network of an Israeli city hacked by a 26 years old  “Amihai Neiderman” named hacker. This hacker is working as a head of research at Israel-bas

The Actual Story Behind Dyn DNS DDoS Attack!     A major DDoS (Distibuted Denial of Service) Attack was launched by hackers against Dyn DNS (Internet Performance Management Company) last Friday. It caused problems for several major websites which are using infrastructure of Dyn including GitHub, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix. Several theories have been claimed by researchers related to this DDoS Attack and each theory is defining a different story. Finally,

The response of Hitachi Payment Services About Massive Indian ATM Hack!     Hitachi Payment Services is handling thousands of Indian ATMs, Financial Transactions and Point of Sale (PoS) machines through its payment platform. State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC bank and many other banks of India are using Hitachi Payment Services Platform. These banks are asking their customers to change their ATM PIN because they are noticing unauthorized transactions from t

WordPress Plugin ‘WP Marketplace’ Exploited By Hackers to Upload a Backdoor!     WP Marketplace is a WordPress plugin, which has been used by more than 500 websites for e-commerce solutions. It is an old plugin and it has not been maintained by its developers. Recently, a zero-day flaw in WP Marketplace plugin has been exploited by hackers to upload a backdoor. It is a common scenario if you are not keeping your plugin up to date with latest security trends. All that w

Python Based Ransomware CryPy uses Different Unique Key to Decrypt Each File!     There is a number of Ransomware, which had been written in Python by its authors. HolyCrypt, Fs0ciety Locker, and Zimbra are some of its examples. These ransomware are using only one unique to decrypt all the encrypted files. A new CryPy named ransomware has been detected by security researchers of Kaspersky. It is a Python based ransomware. It is different from all other ransomware because it uses a