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The response of Hitachi Payment Services About Massive Indian ATM Hack!



Hitachi Payment Services is handling thousands of Indian ATMs, Financial Transactions and Point of Sale (PoS) machines through its payment platform. State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC bank and many other banks of India are using Hitachi Payment Services Platform. These banks are asking their customers to change their ATM PIN because they are noticing unauthorized transactions from their accounts.


According to banks, “The Payment Processing Platform of Hitachi has been compromised by hackers with the help of malware and they managed to steal details of 3.2 Million debit cards”.


Nothing Happened With Our Systems  

Hitachi Payment Services is clearly saying that its systems have not been compromised. According to them, some suspicious transactions were highlighted by the banks in July 2016. After investigation, we didn't found any security breach.


Loney Antony (MD of Hitachi Payment Services) said, “We are providing payment services to many banks. Some of them had reported about unauthorized payment transactions which held in outside of INDIA. We are conducting internal investigations and till now we have not found any type of security breach on our servers.”


Third Party Audit Report is Also Representing the Same Thing

Antony also said that some other unauthorized overseas transactions had been reported by banks from those ATMs which are using our payment platform. To investigate the issue, we hired an external audit agency. They gave us a report in September, and it is not showing any type of data breach in our systems.


“Audit agency will provide us final audit report in November”, said by Antony.


SBI Immediately blocked its 600, 000 Debit Cards without informing cardholders. Private Banks such as HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, and ICICI Bank is also informing its customers about this incident and they are asking them to change their ATM PIN. Debit Cards of Customers already have been replaced by IDBI Bank, Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank and Central Bank of INDIA.


Now the question is, if systems of both Hitachi Payment Services and Banks are safe then from where hackers had stolen details of 3.2 Debit Cards?

Let’s wait for the final audit report of Hitachi Payment Services. It could clear all the doubts.

Stay tuned…


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