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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


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Intel Launched its Bug Bounty Program Through HackerOne, Maximum Amount of Reward is $30000  Here is a good news for “Bug Bounty Hunters” by Intel. The Intel Corporation has no need of introduction. This California-based technology company was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore in 1968. Have you read the famous “Moore’s Law”? This observation was made by the very same “Gordon Moore”. The Intel Corporation is the inventor of x86 series microprocessors and it is world’

Bye Bye Ransomwares! Now We have Crypto Drop!           A new system has been discovered by a team of security researchers, which is capable to defeat all type of Ransomware. These security researchers belongs to Villanova University and University of Florida. A new “dubbed Crypto Drop” named system has been developed by these security researchers which can save data of Ransomware victims. With the help of “Crypto Drop”, users

Be Alert Server Admins! JBOSS Backdoor ahead!     According to a report published by Security Researchers of CISCO, more than 3 million servers are vulnerable to a major  JBOSS Backdoor. Security Researchers said that the main reason behind this is the use of outdated and vulnerable softwares on the servers. A special test strategy was made by researchers to find out those servers which are allowing hackers for Samsam Ransomware attacks. Hackers are using JBOSS named Backdoor

Latest Captcha’s used by Google and Facebook are vulnerable!     Have you ever seen that “Image Captchas” while using internet? Tech Giants Facebook and Gmail are also using that captcha and according to the security researchers of Columbia University, this captcha is vulnerable. Angelos D. Keromytis, Suphannee Sivakorn and Iasonas Polakis are three security researchers, who found major vulnerabilities in captcha used by Facebook and Google. During research, an a

INDIAN Researcher found a new way to Hack Facebook! Got $15,000 from FB as reward! Anand Prakash is a “Bangalore” based security researcher from INDIA. He discovered a vulnerability in Facebook password reset procedure. According to Anand, that vulnerability allowed him to reset password of any Facebook account by performing brute force attack. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to reset the password of any account. Anand told about it by writing a blog post, in which he

Researchers found Vulnerabilities in “SHAREit” Application! SHAREit is an application designed by “Lenovo”, using which users can share files and folders over a WiFi network between two smartphones and PCs.It is freely available for Windows and Android smartphones. Researchers of Core Security found several vulnerabilities in this applications,which were related to hard-coded password presence in this application. This hard-coded password controls the sharing process o

A Hacker Hacked PayPal Account Two Times in one Day! Famous online money transfer platform PayPal is investigating a case, in which the account of a PayPal user was compromised. The hacker was trying to use compromised account for sending money to a dead ISIS hacker. This account belongs to an independent security researcher whose name is “Brian Krebs”. The hacker easily bypass the two factor authentication process and logged in to the account of Brian Krebs. On the Christma