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Bye Bye Ransomwares! Now We have Crypto Drop!      



A new system has been discovered by a team of security researchers, which is capable to defeat all type of Ransomware. These security researchers belongs to Villanova University and University of Florida. A new “dubbed Crypto Drop” named system has been developed by these security researchers which can save data of Ransomware victims. With the help of “Crypto Drop”, users can save their important data from hackers.



How it works?

A report has also been published by the security researchers, which is a complete study of Crypto Drop. In this report they have demonstrate that how it is possible to defeat ransomware by monitoring it’s all activities. After getting entry into the system of victim, when ransomware will start encrypting data files, we can block it. We can block its encrypting process even in the starting when the ransomware will encrypt only 0.2 percent data files of victim. All this could be done by tracing the activities of ransomware on the targeted files.


Technique Used By Researchers

Crypto Drop is using three primary indicators to monitor the activities of Ransomware on the targeted files. To support primary indicators, Crypto Drop is also using some virtual secondary indicators. The primary indicators are as following:


  • Bulk Modification of File Types: Security researchers are using “sdhash” named tool to analysis the file modifications of targeted system. Sdhash tool is capable to publish a difference report between original files and encrypted files.


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  • Dissimilarity of Files: When Ransomware will encrypt the files, it will not be in their natural form at that time. The format of files should be totally changed such as, a text file will not be a text file after encryption. Crypto Drop is connected to a database and from here it can recognise the encryption method used by the Ransomware.


  • Entropy: By this indicator, Researchers got an idea that after the encryption, files are producing high entropy during the output process.



Till now, researchers got a positive result because during a test they successfully saved 99.8 percent data files of a system which was infected with a ransomware, Crypto Drop is not a fully automated system. Some interaction of user is also required to identify the original data files and encrypted data files. Security researchers will publish its next report very soon. Hope it will be helpful for everyone in data protection.


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