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6 Websites of Adult Friend Finder Network Hacked, 412 Million User Accounts Exposed



A large network of dating and 18+ websites has been operated by Friend Finder Network Inc. 6 adult websites of this company have been hacked and the sexual secrets of its 412 million users are exposed. It is the biggest data breach of 2016 so far. Till now, Data breach of Myspace was on top with 360 Million exposed account. Friend Finder suffered two data breaches in last two years. This data breach happened in October 2016. Before it, in May 2015 millions of Friend Finder user accounts were hacked by anonymous hackers.


List of Hacked Websites


  • (1,423,192 Accounts Exposed)


  • (62,668,630 Accounts Exposed)


  • (339,774,493 Accounts Exposed)


  • (7,176,877 Accounts Exposed)


  • (1,135,731 Accounts Exposed)


  • An other Unknown Domain (35,372 accounts Exposed)


Who is the Hacker and how he did it?

It seems like, this hacker is interested in hacking adult websites only. Well, the hacker behind this hack is not a new face. It has been done by “Revolver Named Hacker”. This hacker is also operating a twitter account @1x0123. A few months ago, he also claimed to hack the server of “PornHub”.  That time he posted screenshots of PornHub’s hacked server on twitter.


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According to a report of Salted Hash, the hacked websites were vulnerable to “File Inclusion Attack”. This vulnerability was allowing hackers to access the source code of websites. This file inclusion vulnerability was reported by security researchers to Friend Finder but they didn’t respond immediately. Now the result is here!


Friend Finder Was Storing Passwords in Plain Text

According to a report of Leaked Source, Friend Finder was storing the password of users in plain text and company was using a weak SHA1 password encryption method. The leaked source said that 99 percent hacked passwords are available in plain text. Moreover, Leaked Source got 15 million emails in the format of shows that users were trying to delete their accounts but information was still present in the database of Friend Finder.


Affected Email Domains

Following email domains are affected from this largest data breach:



Affected Users

Users from various countries are affected by this data breach. The exact names of countries are not clear but you can understand it by seeing the following screenshot:




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