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PornHub Has Been Hacked by Revolver named Hacker!



Few days ago, PornHub released its Bug Bounty Program. But a hacker is saying that, he hacked the server of PornHub and he have already sold the access of this site in just $1,000. The name of the hacker is Revolver. The name is looking weird and obviously it is his online name. According to reports, more than 2 million users visits this website daily. The revolver named hacker was using a twitter account and he posted there about the sail of a pornhub's subdomain. 


Is it true?

When Revolver got queries from people about this offer, he post some pictures of Pornub directories on his twitter account 1x0123. Further he explained that a shell has been submitted by him on the server of PornHub. After investigation, security researchers said that there was a vulnerability in the photo uploading section of user account. From here the shall has been uploaded by the Hacker. Shall is a set of rules and commands. It could provide you the complete access of all websites, if you successfully upload it on the server.


Reaction of PornHub over it?

Revolver said, "The team of PornHub was in contact with me and they were asking me that how i have done this. I ask them to gave me $5,000. If they will pay me, i will definitely help them out to solve this. I will also help them in fixing this vulnerability." Now it has been confirmed by some spokesperson of PornHub that this is a true incident.


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A Bug Bounty Program was released by PornHub through HackerOne On May 9, this month. it seems like, this hacker was not happy with their bug bounty. He also tweeted on his twitter account "i don’t report vulnerabilities anymore go underground or go away #FuckBugBounty”. Before PornHub, many other websites were Revolver's target.


Manoj Khadka im gon be do it encrypted SSL&TLS your wait for few days and enjoy.

May 17, 2016

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