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Time Warner Cable Hacked! 320k Customers credentials are at risk!

Database of Famous American TV cable Time Warner Cable has been breached. Time Warner Cable also deals in Internet Service (ISP). Company gave a warning to all his customers by saying that their personal credentials including emails and passwords may have been compromised by the hackers.

Company released a statement for his customers, in which they have ask to change passwords of their accounts immediately. More than 320k customer’s credentials are at risk. Company released that statement to warn the customers and to save the customer’s data from the cyber criminals.

TWC came to know about this incident from FBI. Law Enforcement first noticed the threat activities in the accounts of Time Warner Cable telecommunication. FBI told to Company that there are chances of their data breach, please be alert for it.

According to a report of NBC News,” Time Warner Company is now handling this situation with the help of FBI. It was the FBI who informed the company that credentials of his customers have been stolen. Emails and passwords are included in it. The emails accounts which are ending with are most affected.”

Time Warner Cable is saying that his systems and servers are safe and have not been hacked, because nothing is clear yet how hackers are accessing information of customers. Therefore in a statement, spokesman of Time Warner Cable (TWC) said that,” Servers and Systems of TWC are working fine and had not been hacked”. TWC also said that it seems like hackers are stealing credentials of customers through phishing and other activities. TWC is individually contacting his customers are asking them to change their password to protect themselves from this threat.

Company is saying that hackers are stealing customer’s credentials by installing malwares in their systems. TWC also said, it is also possible that hackers are buying user credentials from darkp web, which are the result of data breaches of other companies.


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