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Three Mobile UK is Suffering Another Data Breach, the Last One Happened in November 2016




A data breach is always the worst nightmare for any company. But if a company has suffered the same nightmare twice within the months, you can make a guess what it will cost. The same thing happened with the one of the biggest telecommunication and mobile networks company Three Mobiles of UNITED KINGDOM. The customers of Three Mobiles are experiencing a data breach once again. The last data breach happened in November 2016 and the personal details of thousands of Three Mobile users were in the hands of Hackers.


What is The Issue This Time?

According to the reports, when the Three Mobile customers were logging into their accounts they were able to see personal details of other customers as well. The Full Name, Residential Address, Personal Contact Numbers, Internet Usage and Call History was included in the leaked details. All this happened due to a technical issue. According to the British daily newspaper The Guardian, a number of Three Mobile customers experienced this issue last Sunday when they logged into their accounts using My3. The company has started an internal investigation of its systems to identify the exact reason for this incident.


"The good news is, no financial information has been exposed. All the payment card details of customers are safe and secured."


How Does It Happen?

It seems like, the Three Mobiles are not that much aware of the cyber security threats. The last data breach (November 2016) happened due to a direct login of an employee. The login credentials of that employee were stolen by the hackers but not any malware was detected by the security experts that time. The 3 crooks behind that data breach had been arrested by the authorities as well. This time again, all this happened due to the mistake of the company. According to the company, the investigation is going on. The company said that we have around 9 million total active customers and only a small portion of these customers have been affected by this latest incident.


The customers are looking a little bit angry.  According to The Guardian, Mark Thompson (A Three Mobile Customer) showed his anger on the Facebook page of Three Mobiles. He wrote, “Can you please tell, what is the reason behind this data leak and how my details had been seen by the other people? How many people had accessed my personal details for how many time and the personal details of how many other customers had been leaked by your company to make it visible to the public??”


Action Taken By Information Commissioner Office Also

A spokeswoman for the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) said that companies should follow Data Protection Laws. These laws require the companies to protect the personal information of customers from internal and external cyber threats. She also said that on the behalf of customers we want to know from the company which appropriate action has been taken them.


The companies should take the personal details of customers in a serious way. In this case, anyone can misuse the personal details of other people to attempt illegal activities. A technical person can manipulate the victim through phishing tricks to steal money from him.


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