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Donald Trump Gave $1.5 Billion To Department of Homeland Security For Cyber Security


As the US president, Donald Trump announced his first budget last week. According to this budget, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will get $1.5 billion for cyber security. Mr. President is giving this amount to DHS for protecting federal government infrastructure of US from hackers. Every country should take “Cyber Security” in a serious way. In February 2016, the former president of US Mr. Barack Obama passed a bill to spend $20 billion on Cyber Security. The Homeland Security is the cabinet-level Department of the United States, which is responsible for the online security of public and federal government.


The Department of Homeland Security will have to detect more cyber security threats for federal government and private sector of United States. The DHS could spend this budget on more advanced cyber security tools and in the implementation of more defensive government networks. The security advisor of DHS Tom Bossert said that under this new budget we will be answerable for our own cyber security. Alongside this sum, there are a number of promises for DHS to strengthen the security of all US federal departments including the following ones:


  • NASA
  • US Department of Defense
  • US Department of Treasury
  • US Department of Treasury


No doubt, United States is suffering a number of cyber-attacks from last few years. Most of the cyber-attacks belong to its government infrastructure. During the election campaigning, Donald Trump also promised that he will harden the security of US systems to protect it from cyber-attacks. A recent report of US Defense Science Board under the administration of former president of US concerned about the cyber-attacks of North Korea against US electrical grid. A lot of quarrels also happened due to this analysis of US Defense Science Board. This new budget also included strengthening the security of critical US grid infrastructure.


Nobody can ignore the massive 2015 data breach, in which personal records of 21.5 million US employees had been stolen by the hackers. The intelligence agencies told that there was a Chinese cybercriminal behind this data breach. Donald Trump said Russian hackers were also included in that data breach.


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