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Russian Hacker Will Spend 52 Months in Prison, As He Hacked Accounts of US Officials!



A 44 year old Russian hacker has been sentenced to 52 months in prison. The name of this hacker is “Guccifer”. He will spend his next 52 months in US Prisons because he hacked more than 100 internet account of United State citizens. A family member of US former President George W. Bush, had also been targeted by this Russian hacker. Guccifer targeted a number of US Officials and their family members.


Who is Guccifer?

The real name of this hacker is Marcel Lehel Lazar. US police have arrested him from Romania with the help of local police. Yesterday, US Police brings him into the court. He pleaded the guilty in front of Attorney General. The access of 100 US social and Email accounts was in his hands. He hacked all these account from October 2012 to January 2014.  


Guccifer exposed the personal information and private emails of hacked accounts, on the internet. He also publicly released the personal photographs, financial information and medical information of US Official’s family member. Guccifer is not an expert hacker because in an online interview he revealed that he doesn't know about codes. He have no coding skills. He said that. I have hacked all the account by guessing passwords. But who knows, is it a truth or lie? Guccifer also claimed to hack, private email account of Hillary Clinton. Marcel didn’t admit it and he said that it was a lie.


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Before it, Guccifer was already in prison of Romania as he hacked online accounts of Russian internet users. Now US court has sentenced 52 months prison to him.  May be, he will serve this 52 months prison separately after finishing his 7 year prison which he have sentenced from his home country’s law attorney.


FBI have traced another hacker, who have stolen Democratic National Committee’s sensitive information. This hacker is saying that he is “Guccifer 2.0”. May be, he is a group member of Marcel’s hacking team.

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