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30,000 Accounts of Russian Consular Department’s Website “” Hacked By Kapustkiy



Kapustkiy has no need of introduction. Well, he is a security researcher who has hacked several websites belonging to government organizations of various countries. This time he hacked the official website ( of a Consular Department. This Consular Department belongs to the Russian Embassy which is located in Netherlands. According to a Tweet of Kapustkiy, there were 30,000 records in the hacked database and he managed to access only 6000 records. As a proof, he leaked details of 129 hacked account on Pastebin.


Leaked Information

The hacked 6000 records contain Full names, phone numbers, emails and passport numbers of users. He didn’t post the details of all hacked accounts on Pastebin. According to an article of famous website MOTHERBOARD, they Kapustkiy gave them a copy of leaked account details. To investigation this data breach, they contact multiple users which are the victims of this hack. Motherboard found it right because the personal details of multiple users were as same as the hacked details. The hacked website provides information  of those Russian Citizens to Russian Embassy, which is residing in Netherlands.



Type of Attack

In his Pastebin post, Kapustkiy mentioned that he has exploited a “Blind Injection” vulnerability in “”. As always, he told that his motive behind this hack was to aware the website admins about the need of security. Kapustkiy said that he is helping the website admins by finding out all the security vulnerabilities which could be exploited by other hackers to hack the database. Web admins can improve their security by patching these vulnerabilities.  


"This data breach has been reported by Kapustkiy to Russian Federations. According to him, he didn’t get any response from them. It shows, how much IT Department of Russian Federation is worried about their online presence. Russian Federation is not paying attention to this major attack, it means they don't care about the security of their database."


Kapustkiy has hacked a number of government websites to help them in improving their security. The hack of 7 INDIAN Embassies, Italian Government, Indian Regional Council, Venezuelan Army, Paraguay Embassy of Taiwan, New York Embassy of India, sub domains of Virginia University and the University of Wisconsin are some of its examples.


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