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Hackers Are Spreading Adult Links By Hacking Twitter Accounts!


According to a report of Symantec’s security researchers, hackers are spreading Adult Links through Twitter. Hackers are mainly targeting high profile twitter accounts. Approximately 2500 high profile Twitter accounts are under control of these cyber crooks. The links which they are spreading, are directly tricking the victims to visit the adult sites, which they have created. When a victim will visit that website, there will be a premium signup link form where hackers are collecting credit card details and personal details of users.


How hackers are misusing hacked Twitter Accounts?

Hackers are stealing credentials of high profile twitter accounts through phishing attacks. Once they got the access of account, they are changing profile pictures by setting an adult photo of woman. After that they are sending adult links to all the followers of that account owner. Recently the twitter account of famous band “Electrofunk” has been hacked by the hackers. Another account of international journalist has been hacked by these scammers.  Hackers are tweeting from hacked accounts to trick the users to visit their adult sites. They are offering free sign-ups for adult chats and adult dates in their tweets. Hackers are posting short links in their tweets. They are using URL shortner of Google and Bitly. Hackers are posting adult photos, short links and attractive text in their tweets. These short links are redirecting the victims to their third party websites.

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Satnam Narang (Senior Security Response Manager of Symantec) said, Hackers are offering free sign-ups to users, which is actually a trap for victims. When user spends some time on the website, they ask him to update his account from free to premium. They are charging $4.00 to each user for a single premium account.


How Hackers are hacking Twitter Accounts?

Satnam Narang said, Weak Passwords and Re use of passwords is the main reason behind the hack of these twitter accounts. The problem of same password for all accounts should also be a reason. The usernames and passwords from other breached databases are helping them to hack twitter accounts. Most of the hacked accounts are very older and their owners are not doing any type of activities from a long type. More than 75 percent hacked accounts are four years old. Rest of the account belongs to year 2007. Hackers are collecting personal information of users from social media and e-commerce websites, which is useful for them in hacking accounts.


“To avoid these type of attacks, Always use a unique and strong password with combination of numbers, alphabets and special Characters.Never fill all your personal information on public social profiles."

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