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Database of Turkish Police, hacked by Anonymous Group! 18GB data is available online!

The database of Turkish General Directorate (EGM servers) of Security has been hacked by Anonymous hackers. From this database, hackers stole 18GB sensitive data of Turkish Police and release it online. According to anonymous hackers, reason behind this hack is to protest against the corruption. This corruption is widespread in the Government authorities of Turkey. Therefore they had targeted Turkey’s National Police.

There was an account on twitter with name @CthulhuSec and a tweet had been posted by the hackers from this account on 15 Feb, 2016. They wrote,” Hey Turkey, I have something to show you tomorrow. See, if you fight your citizens; they will bite back. #standby”. After that there was another tweet by them, in which they wrote about the hack of EGM servers. Before this attack other cyberattacks had been performed by anonymous hackers on the official websites of Turkey.

Here the question is, why anonymous are targeting Turkey? This time their target was Turkey Police. Actually Turkish Government was firmly suspected for the Death of American Reporter Serena Shim. According to intelligence agencies, Turkey was involve in the murder of American reporter. That’s why anonymous are targeting Turkish Government. Turkey is purchasing oil from ISIS in IRAQ, which is another reason behind this attack.

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In December 2015, a number of cyberattacks had been launched by anonymous on the Turkish websites. Thousands of websites under .tr domain, were blocked by anonymous. Turkish Government websites also faced a massive DDoS attack at that time.

According to anonymous, Turkish Government is corrupt and they are Purchasing Oil from Islamic State in black market. By doing this they are funding ISIS for their long existence. This is the violation of human rights. According to the local media of Turkey when people of Turkey were protesting against Islamic State, Police of Turkey was stopping the people in such a way which was totally illegal as per Turkish Law.

Source: securityaffairs

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