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Chinese Researchers Revealed, How to Hack Tesla Model S Cars!​



US based company Tesla Motors is famous for its innovative electric cars. Tesla Motors is a company which is designing, manufacturing and selling advanced leveled electronic cars and electric components of vehicles. Recently, a number of vulnerabilities have been found by security researchers of Chinese company Tencent in Tesla Model S cars. A video has been published by these security researchers to demonstrate all the vulnerabilities of an unmodified Tesla Model S cars. According to security researchers of Tencent’s Keen Security Lab, it is possible to hack cars when it’s parked and in moving state as well.


Various Actions Performed By Security Researchers

This remote hack occurs due to a series of vulnerabilities, which have been found by security researchers. All the vulnerabilities are depended on each other, that’s why they managed to perform various actions in a series. Researchers test various Tesla Model S cars to confirm the vulnerabilities which they found. Researchers have explained everything in an 8 minute video. In this video they have performed following actions:


(While Car Was Parked)


  • Sunroof Control
  • Turned the signals
  • Display Control
  • Changing Position of Seats
  • Control of Car Locking System


(While Car Was Moving)


  • Activated Windshield Wipers
  • Opened the Car Trunk
  • Changed the Position of Side View Mirrors
  • Remotely Brake Activation from Long Distance


Click here to see the complete video:​

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Response of Tesla Motors

Tesla is running its bug bounty program and Tencent has disclosed all the vulnerabilities through it. All the vulnerabilities have been confirmed by Tesla and now they are working on this as they want to address all the vulnerabilities asap. Soon Tesla will release an Over-the-Air update for all its affected cars. Over-the-Air update is an update, in which car owners have no need to go to Tesla workshops to make security changes. They can manually update all the security changes. Tesla is running its bug bounty program since 2015 and they are giving bounties worth $10000. The amount of bounty is different for mobile application, website and car hardware flaws.


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