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New Cyber Security Action Plan has been launched by President “Barack Obama”!     

A new Cyber Security “National Action Plan” has been present by US President Barack Obama on Tuesday, for high level and more advanced security programs. These programs will be helpful in renovating of Government networks of United States.

This plan has been launched because US is facing a number of cyber-attacks on private networks and also on Government networks from last two years. Under the latest security techniques, the networks will get more security. A cyber security bill has been passed by the Government to make the threat sharing process smooth. In that cybersecurity bill, President asked for $19 billion as cyber security budget after that $2 billion were also added in it for the patchwork of Government agencies computer system.

President Barack Obama said,” It is no secret that too often Government IT is like an Atari game in an Xbox world. Social Security Admins of US are using code of 1960s. It is not possible for us to operate new operations and businesses by using these 1960s code. We want to do big things and it is only possible when our agencies will be more advance in this field. The networks of agencies should be up to dated and more advanced. Every person of United Nation will got a basic level of online security under this plan because this cyber security is capable to address long term and short term threats.”

According to Barack Obama, cyber-attacks are one from the biggest dangers of America. Economy of US had been affected by these cyber-attacks. Few days back, data of more than 20mn Homeland Security Department employees had been hacked by the hackers. It was a major cyber-attack. Apart from it, Health records hack, Neiman Marcus hack and Sony Pictures hack are biggest cyber-attacks faced by US. To make recommendations for both private and public sector network, 12 members CC (Cyber Security Commission) has been created by President.

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According to the reports, new federal CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) will direct the cyber security of Government Agencies. The new policies will be created by the Government for the E-commerce also, which will also provide the security to networks of Private sector. This campaign also included financial services like Visa, PayPal and MasterCard. Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and E-commerce websites are also comes under this campaign. According to the intelligence chief of United States the most dangerous cyber-attacks which US had face, were performed by the hackers of North Korea, Russia, Iran and China.

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