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Beware iPhone Users, This Freezing Video Can Completely CRASH Your iPhone



Here is a bad news for iPhone users. A video is circulating on the internet and it is crashing all the iPhones. When iPhone owner clicks on this video link to open it in safari browser, iPhone is playing it as a normal video. But after some time, the iPhone gets slow and then it completely stops working. This short video clip is freezing all type of iPhones. Be careful about this video. You can get this video as a short URL link in your social media messengers or personal inbox.


"This short video clip has been discovered by a guy who is running “EverythingApplePro” named channel on YouTube. In this video, a boy is standing near the bed and a word “HONEY” is written across the screen in bold letters. This video clip is in .mp4 format."


Reason Behind It?

There could be a bug of iPhone behind which is freezing iPhone. But there is no information about the type of bug. According to iPhone users, the phone is getting crashed even when they are playing a small part of the video. All iOS versions are getting affected from this iPhone freezing video. Only 10.2 beta 3 version of iOS is not getting crashed. Instead of freezing, this video leads iOS 10.2 beta 3 version based devices to power off mode. It is not happening first time with iPhones, in past many other chances had been happened with iPhones. In that cases iPhones, Macs, and iPads were behaving abnormally when users were clicking on special types of text messages, specially crafted links and changing its settings. But this freezing video clip is something new for iPhones.


Click here to see the Proof of Concept Video:​



Apple will release an update very soon to fix this bug. In the meantime, don’t click on short links or suspicious links, which you are getting in any messenger of your iPhone. If you watch the video by mistake, then don’t be tensed. A hard reboot will bring your iPhone to its normal state. Press and hold the Power button and home button at same time to reboot your iPhone. 


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