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Beware Whatsapp Users! Hackers are Spreading Malware!

Be smart with your email accounts if you are a whatsapp user. Hackers are spreading a malware through fake emails, which belongs to Nivdort family of malware. An email campaign has been organised by hackers to be successfull in their mission of spreading malware. Hackers are targetting whatsapp users by writing subject lines of email related to whatsapp.

According to a report of Comodo Labs,” Hackers are sending fake emails to whatsapp users, which look likes the official content sent by whatsapp. When the user click on that messeage, his system got a malware automatically.”

Hackers are using some hidden email addresses to send these messages. These email accounts are very different from normal type of email accounts. A researcher Chris Smith said that Why company will send emails to its users? Company have no reason to send notifications to its users individually. If there will be a requirement, they will update information on application for all users. Hackers are using this type of subject lines in thier messages:

1. You have recently got a vocal message."Yop"

2. A short vocal recording was obtained "npulf".

3. You have a video announcement."Eom"

4. A brief audio recording has been delivered! "Jsvk"

5. A sound announcement has been received "sqdw"

6. A brief video note got delivered. "Atjvqw"

7. An audio memo was missed. "Ydkpda"

Hackers are using marketing techniques to spread this malware. Hackers are using very creative lines in subjects of emails because they want to manipulate the users to click on that link of message which have malware. Every email sent by hackers, have a zip(Compressed) file as attachment, when user download it and open it Nivdort malware installed on machine automatically.

Whatsapp users which are updating their application from third party app stores instead of official app stores are more affected by it. The users which are updating whatsapp from official app store remains unaffected from this scam.

Be smart with your email accounts and whatsapp. Do not update it from untrusted third party app stores. If you are getting emails with the subject lines which we wrote above, do not download them and also aware your knowns about it.


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