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Cyber War between INDIA and Pakistan!

According to a report of Recorded Future, a Cyber war between INDIA and Pakistan is going on from long time. A strong correlation between diplomatic flare ups and cyber-attacks between the both countries has been noticed by the Recorded Future. All the matters between INDIA and Pakistan has spilled over into cyber war. Hacktivism is going on in both countries. Hackers are targeting high profile events and Government Functions in this war.

In August 2015, South India’s Famous Kerala Eco Tourism Park was attacked by some hackers. These hackers were from Pakistan. As a Revenge attack, Indian Black Hats and Cyber Soldiers hacked 150 websites of Pakistan. Government websites of Pakistan were also included in it.

Pakistan Cyber Army is an active group of hackers in a Pakistan. These hackers are targeting mainly Government Websites, Energy Companies of INDIA and Law Enforcement Agencies of INDIA. But whenever these hackers had attacked on INDIAN websites, they got double from INDIAN hackers. A number Pakistani Websites has been hacked by INDIAN hackers after recent Pathankot terror attack.

This PCA group is targeting INDAIN websites from a long time and they wrote on Pastebin many times that, “We are the active group of Pakistan and we are the cyber warriors for our country. We want cyber space for our country and we will target INDIA’s Industry, We want to show INDIAN hackers what we can do! We will do this for the independence of Kashmir”. Every year on 14 and 15 August, a number of Cyber-attacks happened on the websites of both countries.

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After the Partition of INDIA and Pakistan, relations between both countries are not going good. After several simmering threat of nuclear conflict and several shoting wars, Cyber War is going on between the both countries. A number of cyber-attacks happened, when INDIA and Pakistan compete in Cricket Matches. It’s one example is March 2014’s that match, when Pakistan Defeated INDIA in ASIA Cup. Now when INDIA and Pakistan compete with each other in Cricket match, cyber-attacks are common to see in both countries.

Source: scmagazine

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