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Hacker will spend 35 years in Prison because he was Passing info of US Military to ISIS!

Ardit Ferizi is a 20 years old hacker and Malaysian security agencies have arrested him because he was passing sensitive information of 1,000 US security professionals to Islamic State. Ferizi is a citizen of Kosovo.Malaysian security agencies filed a case against him in October 2015, for gaining access of US computer systems which was illegal. After that Malaysian agencies hand over Ferizi to US security agencies. After 3 months Ardit Ferizi made his first appearance in court of America. It was not his first crime. Some other cyber crimes are registered under his name.

Ardit Ferizi came to Malaysia in 2014. He came to Malaysia as a student of Computer Science in local university of “Kaula Lumpur”. When he was a student, he made his name in the world of cyber crime. He was a member of Hacker Group of Kosovo. That group of hackers is responsible for more than 21,000 high profile cyber attacks. Attacks on interpol, IBM and Govt. Websites of many countries are included in it. “Th3Dir3ctorY” was his alias for the that group.

Between July and August of year 2014, a case was filed by security agencies against him for cracking server of an online American retail store. From here he steal personal infromation of more that 1300 US Military officers. Ardit Ferizi was passing this information to Junaid Hussain. Abu Hussain al-Britani was his other name and he was the leader of IS terrorists.

In an airstrike, Junaid Hussain was killed in the same month. In the Court of Magistrate Ivan D. Davis, Ardit made his first appearance. This court is located in Virginia. US security agenices have got many clues from Ardit Ferizi, which will help them to crack down the digital sources used by IS for spreading their reach.

Magistrate Ivan D. Davis, ask him many questions and he just replied “Yes,Sir”. There were many charges filed against him because he was working for Islamic State. Therefore he got the prison of 35 years from magistrate D. Davis.

Source: Tripwire

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