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Famous Work Chat Application “Slack” is Hackable, Security Researcher Frans Rosen Said


The “Slack” is a very famous application in the corporate world, which is available for mobiles as well as desktops. The employees and officials are using this application to communicate with each other and to transfer important documents. This work chat application is a bunch of important features. This application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This C++, ECMAScript and JavaScript based application had been released by “Slack Technologies” in August 2013.


Slack Application is Hackable

The security researcher Frans Rosen has submitted a video demonstration to “Slack Technologies”, in which he has explained that how an attacker could trick a Slack user to get the access of his account. Frans Rosen has designed an attack after doing research on the working method of the Slack application. The security researcher noticed that it is possible to steal access tokens of a Slack user account when it communicates with the internet browser.


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What is the Flaw?

According to Frans Rosen, the Slack is not using “postMessage” feature. This “postMessage” feature allows an application window to communicate with another application window within an internet browser. For example, when you click on a link to an application to open it into another window, then the new window communicates with the previous one due to this “postMessage” command. The Slack is using this feature only in the chat application when it opens a new window to enable a voice call.


Here you can see the video demonstration:


So an attacker can steal the access tokens of a Slack account by opening a malicious web page in the new window alongside the Slack application. The “postMessage” feature validates the data within all the windows and nobody can intercept it. The Slack was not using this feature which allowed Frans Rosen to steal access token by hijacking the application. He created a malicious web page which forced the slack user account to hand over its access tokens.


Response of Slack Technologies

The company found this security vulnerability right after the investigation. Now it has been fixed by the company. The slack team also said that it was not exploited by anyone yet. The security researcher (Frans Rosen) approached the company through “Bug Bounty Platform” HackerOne.


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