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US is spending $1.7 Mn against DDoS!

For development of technology, which is fully capable to defend very large scale Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has signed a contract of $1.7 Mn. Computer Specialist Galois is handling this project under the survelliance of US S&T (Science and Technology Directorate).Galois(a company which solves difficult technological problems) will create Defense System against DDoS. It will like a peer-to-peer mechanism using which security organizations will work together against the DDoS attack. This Defense System will detect and stop the DDoS attacks.

This project is not limited to detect and stop the attacks, it will also work on reducing the mitigation response time. This project has goal to reduce the time by 25% between the start of attack and detection of attack. Mitigation response time will be reduced by 80%- 90% in this project.

Mobile Security research leader of Galois Adam Wick said,” Because current DDoS defense systems operates in a isolation, therefore they provides insufficient results. Delays in reporting, detecting and responding against attacks are due to this.” He also said that this type of delays are beneficial for cyber attackers and they send more or more traffic toward the target. In this project Galois will design new softwares which will be more advached as compare to existing tools. All the tools will work together to defend the target of DDoS attack. It will be a more advanced and fast process.

3DCoP (Community of peers) is bringing more than one defending organizations together against the DDoS attack. These organizations will monitor the traffic, detect the traffic and report about the DDoS to the other organizations via a peer-to-peer communication system. It will be mitigate view of any network. All the organizations can work according to thier interests.

Now the conclusion of this project is that US DHS is creating a new defense system against DDoS attack, which will be of large scale and more advaced as compare to the existing one. We can say this it will be the largest project of US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) against DDoS.

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