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Apple's OS X is under threat! Criminals are running a Scareware campaign!

According to Security researchers of SANS Technology Institute, Cyber Criminals are running a scareware campaign against OS X. Under this campaign they are asking users to update Adobe Flash Player, by using a fake pop-up. Criminals are representing this pop-up in such a way that it is looking really genuine.

The security expert of SANS Technology Institute, Johannes Ullrich said, criminals behind this campaign tricks the user to download the malicious application through this pop-up. Attackers are targeting the users of OS X because they are writing in the pop-up that “Your Flash Player is out dated. Please update it.”  The code behind this pop-up has been injected by the attackers with an advertisement. A fake Flash Player installation process will occur when user click on the install button of bogus update.

Gatekeeper security feature of Apple is not capable to stop this type of bogus installation process. Because it represent itself as a legitimate application which is signed with a valid certificate of Apple.

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SANS Technology Institute wrote in a blog that Criminals are not alerting the users about the vulnerabilities in OS, they are directly asking the users to update their Adobe flash Player through a pop-up. This pop-up looks really very genuine because they are not asking forcefully to user. When pop-up occur it depends on user either he will click on update or he will click on cancel. Criminals are targeting the users in different ways because they are using many other techniques to trick the user to install malware.

After the installation of malware, problems occur in systems of OS X users. At that time through the malware attackers convince the user to calling a tech support. The technicians of that tech support are the attackers. They will fix that issues and charge the user very high amount for it.

Source: securityaffairs

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