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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


We are here to help you solve your biggest query- where and how to start? CDI has brought various courses in Ethical Hacking in Chandigarh where all you technology lovers will be given the much needed push to move forward and create a niche for yourself in the field. From Beginner to Expert level we have many kinds of training patterns.

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“Pwn2Own 2016” contestants earned $2,80,000 by hacking Chrome, Flash Player and Safari!


On the first day of “Pwn2Own” competition of 2016, security experts earned near about 2,80,000 US Dollars at CanSec West conference in Vancouver, Canada. Experts hacked Adobe Flash Player, Google Chrome and Apple Safari to win this prize money.

The organizers of this competition are offering a large amount as prize. They are offering 65,000 US Dollars for each successful Google Chrome hack. Apart from it, they are also offering 20,000 US Dollars for each system level remote code execution.

After the first day of competition, the 360Vulcan Team was in lead as they won 132,000 US Dollars and 25 Master Pwn Points. A live system level code execution hack had been shown by the experts of this team. They exploit Adobe Flash Player to do this and won 80,000 US Dollars and 13 Pwn Points for this. After this, 360Vulcan experts earned more than 50,000 US Dollars for a system level code execution exploit against Google Chrome. They also earned 12 Pwn Points for this exploit.

After 360Vulcan, JungHoon Lee was at number two as he earned 60,000 US Dollars and 10 Pwn Points for hacking Apple’s Web Browser “Safari”. He found four new vulnerabilities in “Safari” browser. Tencent Security team was at number three for hacking Adobe Flash Player. The security experts of Tencent discovered an out of bound vulnerability which was allowing them for code execution of system level. They earned 50,000 US Dollars and 13 Pwn points for this hack. Tencent Xuanwu also tried to hack Adobe Flash Player with the help of Edge Bowser of Microsoft, but their attempt was failed.

The organizers of this year Pwn2Own competition had also invited the security experts to target “VMware”. Organizers are offering 75,000 US Dollars as prize amount for the hack of virtual machine. It is the first time in the history of Pwn2Own competition, where organizers are offering such a large amount for VMware hacks.

In the end of this competition, winning team will get extra 25,000 US Dollars and laptops. In Pwn2Own competition of last year, security experts earned 5,52,000 US Dollars as prize.

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