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ISIS is offering $10,000 to INDIAN hackers for hacking Govt websites!

The cybercriminals of ISIS are trying to infiltrate INDIAN hackers these days. ISIS is offering them $10,000 to hack the Govt. websites of INDIA. ISIS is asking them to gain the access of INDIAN official websites. Till today, ISIS have contact approximately 30,000 INDIAN people on facebook for this. All these 30,000 people are the members of facebook groups related to hacking.

Cybercriminals of ISIS are making a database of INDIAN people which are cyber security professionals and targetting them by offering this large amount. ISIS want the access of INDIAN Govt. Websites and sending messages to people by writing,” if you will hack INDIAN govt websites, we will give you $10,000 for each hack.”

An INDIAN cyber crime expert Kislay Choudhary said,” Hackers are interacting with each other through many underground communities. We have noticed that from last six months cybercriminals of ISIS members are sending messages to INDIAN hackers. Motive of ISIS behind it is spreading their reach in INDIA. They are offering large amount to INDIAN hackers to do this.”

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Daesh organization of ISIS is the masterplanner behind this campaign. As they want to steal sensitive information of INDIAN Government, they are already in the contact with 30,000 INDIAN hackers. They are in contact with hackers of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kashmir and South INDIA.

INDIAN intelligence agencies have arrested 12 hackers in INDIA before Republic Day. These hackers were in contact with ISIL members of Syria. These 12 people were planning a great cyber attack with ISIS member for Replublic Day.

ISIS members behind this Campaign are very clever and they are using local languages to contact the INDIAN hackers of different states. They are using Hindi, Gujrati and Bangla language too. For this they are taking help from local people. They are spreading there messages on social media by using special hashtags.

Indian Security Agencies are detecting this type of activities. Recently they have blocked 94 websites, which were connected with ISIL Syria. Security agencies of INDIA are monitoring all the social media activities.

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