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9 “Darknet Operators” have been arrested by Security Agencies for illegal services!

Law enforcement agencies of Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Bosnia, Lithuania and Switzerland run a combined operation to find out the operators of Darknet, who deals in illegal products and services like Weapons, counterfeit money, Drugs and Fake IDs etc. Under this operation security agencies arrested 9 criminals which were dealing in above illegal products. When agencies were searching for the operators, they raided in more than 60 homes and business areas.

During this raid, security agencies of 7 European Countries seized near about 2,00,000 Euros in cash, illegals drugs, pirated DvD’s and many other illegal products. A number of servers and Computer systems have also been seized by security agencies on which these illegal services were going on.

Following Suspects have been arrested by Security Agencies:

  • 36 kilogram Amphetamine, 2kg of hashish, 1.5 kg of cocaine and 2 kg ecstasy pills have been found by security agencies from 2 Syrian brothers.
  • A guy of 27 year old has been arrested by Bosnian Police, who was working as an administrator for three Darknets.
  • Two brothers of German have also been arrested by security agencies, who was dealing in pirated movies and other sport shows.
  • German police also arrested a 22 year old boy, who was dealing in illegal drugs.

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According to German Police, arrested suspects were exploiting the Darknet to provide illegal services. Most of them were dealing in Drugs and Weapons. Some on them were providing illegal documents from Italy, Netherlands and Germany. It was second shared operation of European Law Enforcement agencies, in which they also arrest those criminals who were selling stolen credit card data and financial data. Some of them were providing illegal hacking services.

Source: securityaffairs

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