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Personal Details of 3,00,000 US Drivers Stolen By Hacker From Govt.  Systems!


Personal License details of approximately 3,00,000  US drivers are on sale at dark web. All this has been done by a “NSA” named hacker. First he steal this information, by breaching a number of government databases located in Louisiana and then he put up all the details on dark web for sale. This data is available on “The Real Deal” named dark web marketplace. Hacker didn’t wrote about the actual source of information on dark web, he or she just wrote that I have stolen this data from government computers.


Stolen Data Related to which US Citizens?

Hacker also told, “I have stolen this data from a number of databases, which are holding criminal records of US Citizens. The stolen data is related to those US Citizens, which were charged by Government for driving offenses. The ratio of Louisiana’s residents is higher in the stolen data. Apart of it, the information of Texas and Delaware’s citizens is also available. Some of them are charged with serious crimes like murder and drug dealing. It was a tough task for me to steal this information from highly protected databases.”


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According to NSA, the list of this data is available on the “The Real Deal MarketPlace” under title ‘State of Louisiana Driver's Licence Database'. This data includes name of citizens, their date of birth, residential addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, ZIP codes and states. More than 50 percent, date of birth year is 1983. Detail of some Teenagers is also included in this data.


Status of Hacker’s Dark Web Sale

This “NSA” named hacker have not a positive feedback. Therefore, no one is showing interest to buy this data. The selling history of this deal is approximately zero. Now, it will be difficult for him to shift this data to another marketplace. The only reason behind his failure is that he or she is not a well-known hacker like “Peace_of_Mind”. This Peace_of_Mind hacker is responsible for recent data breach of LinkedIn, Tumblr and Myspace.


To impress the buyers, NSA is providing details of some US Citizens as a sample on “The Real Deal Page”. Hacker is telling to buyers that they could contact him with their offers and after that they could make a deal. But NSA is not accepting low price offers. NSA also said that Payment should be in Bitcoin because it have no need of any identity during transaction.

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