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Online Accounts of United State's Luxury store “NEIMAN MARCUS” have been hacked!

Neiman Marcus is a luxury departmental store of United States. Hackers hacked the online accounts of Neiman Marcus customers, in last week of December 2015. The security team of NMG (Neiman Marcus Group) came to know about this few days ago, when they noticed suspicious activities in user accounts.

Neiman Marcus claimed that hackers were trying various username and password combinations to gain the access of online accounts. They also got the access of various accounts. The official websites of Neiman Marcus, Last Call, Horchow and Bergdorf Goodman were the target of hackers.

According to a statement of NMG, this hack happens due to the data breaches of other big companies. Hackers successfully got access of 5200 online accounts of NM. The owners of these hacked accounts were using same login and passwords on the other websites which were hacked by the hackers earlier. Hackers make many unauthorized purchases by using these hacked accounts. Here is a tip for all the users, please don't choose same username and passwords for all the websites.

But the good news is that there was only limited information, which was available for hackers after this hack. Last four digits of Credit Card, purchase history and contact info of customers was included in it. Sensitive data of NM customers is safe. SSN (Social Security Number), details of credit card, ATM Pin, CVV number and Date of Birth of customers was not visible to hackers.

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According to company, the data of all the customers is safe now. Hackers were making unauthorized purchases from 70 accounts only. The security team of Neiman Marcus Group detected these purchases very quickly and now they have refund the money to victim customers.

For the activation of latest security changes, NM is saying their customers to change their passwords for online accounts. Now NM will alert the customers also, when security team will detect suspicious activities in their accounts.

Neiman Marcus also submit a report about this hack in Attorney General's California office. Before it, in January 2014 the credit card details of 1 Million NM users were stolen by hackers by using a malware named “point-of-sale”. But the original value of affected credit cards was near about 4,00,000 which was published by company after an investigation.

Source: Tripwire

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