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Update Your Adobe Flash Player ASAP!


Category : Operating System Security

If you are using Adobe Flash Player and its earlier version, update it as soon as possible. A security update has been released by Adobe for its Flash Player. The main reason behind this security update is to patch a critical security vulnerability which is allowing hackers to take control of a vulnerable system. This vulnerability has been discovered by two security researchers of Google Threat Analysis Group, Billy Leonard, and Neel Mehta. Adobe has released this security update for Linux, Windows, Chrome and Macintosh operating systems.

What is the vulnerability?

It is an arbitrary code execution vulnerability and has been tracked as CVE-2016-7855. In actual, it is a use-after-free issue which could be exploited by attackers to send remote arbitrary code in affected systems. According to security experts of Adobe, hackers are exploiting this vulnerability in the wild. Hackers are sending specially crafted malicious commands into the system and stealing sensitive information affected systems. Some ransom attacks have also been noticed by Adobe.

Vulnerable Operating System

According to security researchers, “This vulnerability (CVE-2016-7855) is openly inviting hackers to hack the system. Hackers are exploiting this vulnerability for various purposes.” All that Operating Systems, which are using Adobe Flash Player Version and Earlier are vulnerable to CVE-2016-7855. Here is the list of vulnerable OS:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Macintosh
  • Chrome

Moreover, all that Linux OS which are using Adobe Flash Player and its earlier versions are vulnerable to CVE-2016-7855.

According to security researchers, they noticed some malicious activities in adobe flash player and after investigation, they came to know that attackers were targeting some particular versions of Windows OS by exploiting this security loophole. Might be, some bad actors are exploiting this vulnerability who are familiar with some past vulnerabilities of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player version (Windows) and (Linux) has been released by Adobe. Another security update will be released by Google and Microsoft to fix this security in Chrome and Edge Browsers. It’s not a new thing. Hackers are continuously exploiting zero-day flaws of Adobe products.

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