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Two TV Broadcast Channels of Israel Hacked!


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Two Israeli TV broadcast Channels had been hacked by a group of unknown hackers on last Tuesday. These two hacked channels (Channel 2 and Channel 10) are the main private news channels of Israel. According to reports of local media of Israel, these hackers belongs to the Muslim community of Saudi Arabia and after hacking the network they played “Muslim Call to Prayer”on it. They successfully gained the access to TV satellites and they disrupted the transmissions of TV channel.

Reason Behind This Hack?

Last month, a “Muezzin"named bill has been passed by the representative of the Knesset (Parliament of Israel). It bans the religious leaders of mosques to use loudspeakers during their morning and night worships. According to Knesset, they have done it to protect their citizens from noise pollution. To protest against this Muezzin Bill, they hacked the main news TV Channels of Israel. They played 30 seconds small video clips which were showing Quranic Scriptures and holy cities of Muslims. In their “Call to Prayer” videos, they also used some messages, written in the Hebrew language (The local language of Israel). They wrote the following messages:

  • “Punishment From God”
  • “The Fire Burned Hearts”
  • “To For big great God war from God”

Channel 2 also confirmed the news on Twitter by posting a tweet. The tweet was in Hebrew language and its meaning in English is, “hackers took over the Channel 2 news program to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer”.

A local newspaper of Israel stated that the residents of northern Israel were viewing Channel 2 and Channel 10 via satellite. In the evening, they suddenly noticed that someone has played “Muslim Call to Player” on the same TV channel. The Worldwide Muslim communities are doing protest against this “Muezzin Bill” of Israel. Two Arab politicians Taleb Abu Arar and Ahmad Tibi staged ‘Azan’(call to prayer) in the parliament to protest again this bill.

According to local officers of Israel, they were getting regular complaints from the various citizens of Israel which belong to multiple societies and religions. The complainants were suffering regular loud noises from the prayer houses of Muslims. After discussing all the things, Knesset passed this bill with the support of Israeli Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanahu”.

The protesters are saying that government is not passing this bill to protect the citizens from noise, in actual, they are stopping Muslim leaders from giving religious speeches and conveying religious messages. According to them, a clause has been added by the government regarding this. But the government is saying that they simply want to protect the citizens from noise pollution.

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