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The Need of a Firewall in Windows Operating System


Category : Operating System Security

If you are an internet user and you have no firewall than enable your windows firewall immediately or install third party firewall software.

Windows firewall ,earlier it was also called Internet Connection Firewall .

What is Windows Firewall ?

Basically, it acts as a shield between our computer and network or server computer during the transfer of information ,data in form of packets.It protects us from an intruder who may try to get access to our computer remotely without our permission.Windows Firewall is always enabled by our manufacturers but sometimes it can be disabled .It is a build in Programs in windows. It has two major roles:

  • It blocks unauthorized /unwanted access to our computer remotely.
  • It allows authorized actions like data transfer ,communication to and from our computer

There is some predefined rules and exception for inbound and outbound traffic on which Windows Firewall is based on.

Where to find Windows Firewall Option in Windows ?

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Windows Firewall
  • Turn on Private networks and Public Networks

How Windows Firewall Works ?

Suppose an intruder over the internet wants to get Unauthorized access to your computer remotely (also called Unsolicited Request/attempt) ,then windows firewall comes into action and block this unsolicited request or terminates the connection between the computer and the intruder.Now if you want to share some information with the outside world over the networks then every time firewall asks whether you want to allow or disallow the connection.

What Windows Firewall does?

  • It asks you every time ,whether you want to terminate or allow the connection request.
  • Protects computer from malware and viruses .
  • It makes a log of every connection joined or terminated.

Some Technology related to windows firewall :

  • IPsec

It helps and protects users from both active and passive attacks by filtering the packets received .

  • VPN

A VPN is a very useful technology, as it protects our privacy over the network.

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