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The FBI Website Hacking News is Just A Hoax Plone CMS Said


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A new twist has come in the latest “FBI Website Hacking Incident”. In yesterday’s article, we wrote that the CyberZeist (@cyberzeist) hacker claimed on twitter that he has hacked FBI website. He also leaked the stolen 155 FBI accounts on “Pastebin”. According to the hacker, a zero-day flaw has been exploited by him which was discovered by someone else. But the security experts and developers of Plone CMS are saying that this news was just a “Hoax”. The Plone CMS team said, the screenshots shared by CyberZeist hacker are fake.

What About the Proofs Shown by CyberZeist Hacker?

The team of Plone CMS developers and security experts has analyzed all the screenshots shared by CyberZeist hacker. The screenshots are photoshopped because nothing has happened with the famous Plone CMS. The leaked email addresses, SHA1 Encrypted Passwords, and SHA1 password salts belong to several old data breaches. They also said, the leaked passwords and SHA1 salts are also fake because Plone CMS is not using this password storing technique. Moreover, the hacker claimed that he has stolen the data from “.bck” extension using backup files but the Plone CMS team is saying that CMS is not using this type of backup system.

According to security experts and developers, Plone CMS (Content Management System) is a highly secured CMS. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and other big organizations of United States are using Plone CMS. The screenshot of FBI website with “We’re Sorry…” text was also fake. The “CyberZeist” hacker has used JavaScript Developer console to create that fake catchy website hacked page.

Why “CyberZiest” (@cyberzeist) Will Spread this Hoax?

Well, this is the point to be discussed. The Plone CMS developers said that the Zero-Day exploit about which the hacker was talking, is on sale on the dark web. The price of this exploit is $9000 which is almost equal to 8 bitcoins. The CyberZeist hacker was promoting this “Zero-Day Exploit” by spreading this hoax. You very well know, on the dark web there is no refund policy so simply it is a scam. The hacker was getting the attraction of other anonymous hackers to sell this fake “Zero-Day Exploit”.


The CyberZeist hacker claimed that he has hacked FBI website by exploiting a Zero-Day flaw of Plone CMS and also leaked stolen data on Pastebin. On the other hand, the team of Plone CMS developers is saying, this news was just a hoax and nothing has happened like this. Now wait for the response of “CyberZeist” hacker.

Stay tuned...

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