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Snapchat Controversy- Indian Hackers Hacked Snapchat And Leaked 1.7 Million User Details On Dark Web


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Snapchat is in news these days, as its CEO Evan Spiegel made a disrespectful comment on INDIA. The hashtags #boycottsnapchat and #uninstallsnapchat are trending social media as well. The CEO Evan Spiegel said that Snapchat is only for rich people and it is not for the poor countries like INDIA and Spain. The INDIAN users are uninstalling this app and rating it one star.

"On the other hand, the anonymous INDIAN hackers are claiming that they have posted around 1.7 million personal details of Snapchat users on the dark web. The hackers said that they have exploited a critical security vulnerability to dump user data."

The Response of Snapchat

According to the US magazine “Variety”, Snapchat is denying this hack. The Snapchat is also saying that they have not made any disrespectful comment on INDIA. Another spokesperson for the Snapchat said that CEO didn’t make any comment because Snapchat is for everyone and it is available on app stores for free.

The company said that those comment was written by an unhappy former employee of Snapchat, who is not a part of the company anymore. We respect our user and we are grateful for our INDIAN Snapchat community. A case has been filed by the company against that former employee for false allegations.


If this incident is true, then it is not the first time when Snapchat has suffered a data breach. In 2013, the hackers steal the access to 4.6 Million Snapchat accounts and posted it on publically accessible website. There are 300 million worldwide Snapchat users and 4 million are from INDIA. The company is denying this hack and also that disrespectful comment. Stay tuned with us for more information.

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