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Police Arrested Student For Hacking Network of Kennesaw State University!


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Kennesaw State University (KSU) is well known university of Georgia. Recently, Local police of Kennesaw has arrested a student of this university as he hacked into private network of Kennesaw State University to change grades. The name of the student is Chase Arthur Huges. Moreover, police has got login credentials of more than 35 university professors from his computer. According to reports, the network of KSU had been hacked by Huges between May and September 2016.

How he did it?

He had used his girlfriend’s internet connection to hack University network. Huges was not so smart because he didn’t know that university is using OWL Express software to monitor all the activities of University Professors. When Huges was changing grades, he was logged into university network from a professor’s account. The professor got an email notification and he immediately informed the security team about it.

Which Data Had Been Accessed By this Hacker?

By logging into university network from a professor’s account, he made changes into grades for himself and for his friends as well. He changes a grade from B to A for himself, F to A and C to A for his two friends. According to reports of investigators, he had a control of some specific portion of university database. Therefore, a huge amount of sensitive informationwas in his control. Employment history, personal information of employees, medical information of employees and credit card details of employees are included in this sensitive information.

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Police is still investigation to know, if Huges had dumped all this sensitive information or not. Police is also asking him that how he managed to collect login credentials of university professors. Kennesaw Police has charged Huges for illegal activities such as computer forgery, computer invasion of privacy and trespassing.

Some More School Hacking Incidents

Due to the advancement in technology, young geeks are preparing themselves from their early age to compete with technology. School Hacking incidents are very common now a days. Students are doing this type of activities to increase their grades and to earn money by doing the same for other students. North Carolina is a state of United States. Last year, local police of North Carolina has arrested a group of 7 school hackersfor hacking private network of Iredell County’s Lake Norman High School. They had managed to get access of a university professor’s account. After a month of this incident, three students of a New York’s school managed to hack database to change class schedule and grades.

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