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Pinterest Account of Mark Zuckerberg Hacked Again!


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Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg? The same guy which is ruling the kingdom of social media by giving us Facebook. One of the online accounts of Mark Zuckerberg has been hacked by a notorious hacking group “OurMine” again. It is the same hacking who hacked Mark’s Pinterest account in June 2016. At that time, Mark’s password for his Pinterest account was “dadada”. This time OurMine hackers hacked the same Pinterest account of Mark Zuckerberg but they didn’t reveal his password this time. It happens for the second time with Mark in the same year.


After hacking Mark’s Pinterest account, OurMine hackers informed Zack Whittaker (from ZDNet Security). Hackers told Zack that they have changed the tagline of Mark’s Pinterest account. They wrote, “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security”. They also published the web address of their hacking group. Not his tagline has been removed. The good thing about this hacking group is, they didn’t use breached information for any wrong purpose. Besides it, they didn’t provide any further information about this hack. According to Zack Whittaker, hackers also emailed him credentials of Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account. Hackers also told him that after their earlier hack, Mark has enabled two-step verification for his Pinterest account.

Pinterest is Vulnerable

According to OurMine hackers, a major security vulnerability of Pinterest has been exploited by them. But they didn’t reveal anything about this security vulnerability. During their last hack hacking group said that a platform had been hacked by them but it was only a rumor.

About OurMine Hacking Group

This hacking group is famous for hacking high-profile users such as CEO of big companies. The list of OurMine victims is very long. They are hacking high profile accounts with a hope that victims will approach them for taking security services from them. That’s why they are changing tagline’s text into “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security.” The website of OurMine is also offering security services.

Some High-Profile Targets of OurMine

  • Evan Williams (Twitter Co-Founder)
  • David Guetta Daniel Ek (Former Twitter of CEO)
  • Dick Costolo (CEO and Founder of Spotify)
  • Sunder Pichai (Google CEO)
  • Travis Kalanick (Uber Founder)


Hacking someone’s social profiles is obliviously illegal. OurMine hackers are using a wrong approach to get high profile customers. This hacking group is claiming that they are not using breached information for any wrong purpose, but who knows is it a true or false statement? OurMine hackers also disclosed last digits of phone number, which is associated with hacked account. According to Zack, it is “86”.

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