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How to Crack Windows Password?


Category : Information security Management

How to Crack Windows Password?

(Note: This Article is for testing purpose only)

Note: There are various ways of cracking windows login password :-

1. Using tools

2.Manual based cracking

Tools :-

1. oph crack

2. Kon boot loader

and more

Manual Based cracking

1.Using tips and tricks in Command prompt

In this tutorial we will learn manual based cracking.

Requirements :

1.Windows 7,8

2.Command Prompt

Things you should be aware off:

1.Must be familiar with command prompt.

2.Must be familiar with advance boot setting

3.Command which I will use in cmd .Please ignore the double inverted commas “ ”.

if don't know ?? | don't worry just follow me.




First start the victims computer ,while the windows is loading press the power button immediately.

thus the computer will be powered off.Now press the power button again

You will see a black page with heading Window Error Recovery

If you do not see the page then keep trying 2 to 3 times shutting down the PC forcefully.

There you will find two option in the boot screen :

1. Launch Startup Repair

2. Start Window Normally

· Select the 1st option and let it load and scan for the issues.

· After few minutes you will see a dialog box It will ask you to "restore defaults", select "Cancel" option

· Select restore option in Startup Repair dialog box.

· Again wait for nearly 10 minutes and then a error report screen will pop-up, asking to send information or not.

· Just ignore the two above options and click on view problems details.

· When you click on it you will find details below .Just ignore everything and scroll down to the last .

There you will find a link starting with


X:\windows\ something...something (the link starts with an"X")


Now click on the link and you will see the following

· A Window will pop-up taking you to a notepad file

· Click File on the Menu-Bar, then select Open, and another window will pop-up (that's just too many windows!)

· From there Navigate to C: drive (where windows is installed), click Windows, then System32, after that click on the arrow beside the "File Type" option there you will find a drop down menu and select "all files".

Now search for a file named "sethc" (it is a shortcut to sticky keys),and rename it to any other name (eg : xyz).

After this Search for cmd, make its copy and rename the copy as "sethc"


Get ready to become the admin of the victims computer because we are almost done.!!!

Step 2:

Now close everything and restart the pc .

This time you have to restart it normally and wait until the windows login screen appears.

When you are down with all and reached to the windows login screen there press shift 5 times or more until cmd (command prompt) does not appear.

Step 3:

In command prompt type


"net user administrator /active:yes"


and hence it will activate the default administrator account of the PC.

Now you can Change the password/delete it ,reset it from there.

If you want to directly change the password in the cmd then type


net user (admin/any admin account's name)and then after a space put an asterix(*)


####### HACKED #######

Thanks for reading this crazy article.Must Share if liked it.

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