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Hackers are Dropping Malicious USB Drives in Letterboxes!


Category : Malwares

This weird incident is happening in Australia. Local Police of Australia’s Victoria State has found that some cyber crooks are dropping malicious USB Drives in letterboxes of people. These pen drives don’t have any type of logo. These unmarked USB drives are very harmful, because these are laden with different type of malwares. Local police of Victoria, issued a warning to aware the people about it by saying, “These unmarked USB drives can put your systems and devices in a danger. Don’t connect these external media storage devices with any of your device”.

Some people of Victoria’s Pakenham suburb, connected these USB drives with their systems. According to their statements, they have experienced fraudulent media advertisements. Cyber Security experts said, these devices could be rootkits also. Rootkit is a device, which could gain the root level access of that device, which is connected with it. All this happens due to hard coded malicious s which hackers have installed in the device. Moreover, these USB drives can cause ransomware attacks and hackers can ask for a huge ransom. In ransomware attack, hackers can silently install malware in a system to lock all its files/folders and after that they demand money from victims to unlock the files.

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Don’t connect any unknown media device with your system. Don’t fall for free USB devices, if you love your privacy and want to protect your sensitive information. In this digital world, hackers are very easily targeting innocent users and selling their personal information in black market to earn money.

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