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French Web Hosting Giant OVH is Suffering DDoS Attack of 1Tbps!


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French Web Hosting Giant OVH is Suffering DDoS Attack of 1Tbps!

OVH is a French Web Hosting Company, deals in Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Registrations and Internet Services. According to Octave Klaba (Founder and CTO of OVH), OVH faced largest DDoS attack last week. Servers of OVH were getting traffic of 1Tbps. He revealed this incident by sharing photos on his twitter account. In these pictures, it was that OVH servers are getting massive traffic from different sources. Servers of OVH were initially getting 100Gbps, later the amount of traffic reached to 1Tbps.

How it is Possible?

According to Klaba, Hackers are using Internet of Things (IoT) botnets to send traffic towards OVH servers. More than 15, 0000IoT devices are participating in this massive attack. It is very easy for hackersto hack poorly configured IoT devices now a days because they are familiar with their by default security techniques. 80 percent IoT users does not even bother to change security settings of device. IP Based CCTV cameras, DVRs and many other devices are in the control of hackers and they are sending massive traffic.

Few days ago, hackers performed a massive DDoS Attack of 665Gbps on website of Brian Krebs (World Famous Cyber Security Expert) and it was the largest DDoS attack so far. But DDoS attack of OVH is on top now.

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Story isn’t over yet. This DDoS Attack is still going on and servers of OVH are handling heavy amount of traffic. Approximately 7000 new IP based cameras have been hacked by hackers to increase the traffic volume to make this DDoS attack more effective. In these type of attacks, hackers often send GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) traffic towards the targeted servers because it can create a private P2P (Point to Point) connection to send packets toward destination IP address. It works as a Virtual Private Network. Klaba said, servers are also getting GRE traffic and it is difficult to guess that from where hackers are performing this attack. The botnet used by hackers is capable to perform DDoS attacks of 1.5Tbps.

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