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European Commission Hit By DDoS Attack


Category : Network security

This Thursday, European Commission suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack. The attack was very powerful, as the result, all the operations of European Commission got stuck around 2pm GMT. Security team took hours to resolve the problem and the affected operations were in the normal state in the late Thursday night. This news was first published by Politico (Media Company). Initially, it seemed that this attack had been performed by hackers to compromise internal systems of European Commission but later security team explained that the main motive of hackers behind this attack took down the network by flooding traffic towards it.

The servers of European commission were getting millions of traffic packets simultaneously which were crashing its network. In the beginning, the internet speed of EC’s systems get slow but after some time the service was completely crashed. Not a single computer system was able to access the internet. This DDoS attack was successfully stopped by network security team of EC but servers took hours to work in the normal state.

Any Data Loss?

Not at all. According to a statement of European Commission’s spokesperson, all the servers and database of EC are safe because they haven’t noticed any data breach. The only problem which had been faced by EC was the network connection unavailability. An insider of EC said that their work has been halted by this DDoS Attack.

Recently, European Commission announced in EU-Ukraine summit that they are designing a wide range of specific support programs which will encourage transparency of governance. EC was thinking that attackers had performed this DDoS attack to steal these programs, but security team didn’t notice any malicious traffic in the network.

Why Hackers Are Performing Such Type of Attacks?

Have you heard about cyber-extortion? Hackers are performing cyber-attacks on companies and stealing their sensitive data. In the case of ransomware attacks, hackers are even encrypting sensitive data of companies. For a company, its most important thing is its database. By affecting companies with such type of attacks, hackers are demanding a large amount of money. Hackers are threatening companies by saying that if you will not pay us, we will leak your database. The fact is, companies are paying them too.

"The biggest DDoS attack of till now has been suffered by a French web hosting company OVH. Servers of OVH were getting traffic worth 1Tbps (1 TB per Second). More than 1, 50, 000 IoT devices had been compromised by hackers to perform this DDoS attack. It was possible due to famous “Mirai Botnet”."

"The recent “DynDNS DDoS Attack” was also the result of compromised IoT devices. The same Mirai Botnet was responsible for it. A number of big companies including PayPal, Twitter, Amazon and Netflix which are using DynDNS server had been affected by that DDoS attack."


It is not like that companies and organizations are not taking care of their network, they are performing all the possible practices to keep their network secure. The fact is, hackers are using advanced attacking techniques by finding vulnerabilities in latest technology devices such as IoT (Internet of Things). All the companies should take security in a serious way because there is a need to protect devices from firmware level.

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