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Cryptography- One Must Know It


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We are living in the tech world, where each and every person is surrounded by gadgets. Most of our gadgets are connected to the internet like Phones, computers, CameraFTP. Our Army secrets are passed over the internet. Many official works like banking ,managing database are performed over the internet.

Have we ever wondered, how’s this all is done, how data travels over the network?

Have we thought that our data is safe while transfer and if safe than what security is being used?

You may be thinking that you send the data and it reaches the destination directly. If so then, you are wrong because any information over the network is transferred in the form of packets which passes from a number of routers and then reaches the Destination.For an instant, think you are sending data over the internet world to reach the destination and in between an intruder takes advantage of it and comes to know what info you are sending. On the other hand, you are not aware of data breaching. This type of instances takes place in daily life. The theft of credit card details during online shopping is one of its example.

How to secure our Data over the network?

We must use techniques which can convert our data into an unreadable form while it's over the network . Cryptography is such a technique which coverts the data, password and many other confidential information into an unreadable form.


This technique is introduced by Julius Ceaser. It is a method in which we can convert our plaintext into an unreadable form which is also called Cyphertext.


Suppose you are out for some work at night and you have locked the door with a key. In between this a thief comes to your house and tries to steal but for that, he needs to open the door as there is no another way for him to enter. He can break the door lock ,but what if the locker is very strong?

Similarly in cryptography, we generate a special key for our data. Now while our data is over the network then if an intruder tries to breach it, then certainly he needs that particular key to read the data. So that he can convert data into plain text. If the encryption method is strong then it's impossible for the intruder to breach the data ,same like the strong locker.

There are some terms used in Cryptography

Plain Text : Normally written form of data or plain text.

Cipher Text : When the data is converted into other unreadable forms.

Encryption :It's again a little same as the cipher,i.e converting plain text to unreadable form.

Decryption : Changing the Ciphertext to plain text.

In old days, many different Encryption methods were being used like:

  • Ceaser Cipher
  • PolyAlphabetic Cipher
  • Rail Fence Technique
  • Play Fair Cipher
  • Hill cipher
  • Mono Alphabetic Cipher

Today We Are Using Encryption Methods Like :

  • RSA(Name of the creators)
  • SHA(Secure Hash Algorithm
  • MD5(Message Digest -5)
  • DES(Data Encryption Standard)
  • AES(Advanced Encryption Standard)

These methods are enough to secure to protect our data from the breach. We also use different encryption methods like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ensures the user that his data is secure at the Third Party Website where he is entering it. SSL use 128 bit or 256-bit encryption method.

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