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Bypassing windows login password using BACKTRACK


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Bypassing windows login password using backtrack

(Note :This article is for testing purpose only ,any harm done by you to other’s computer , CDI will not liable for it)

In my previous tutorial (HOW TO CRACK WINDOWS PASSWORD)we learned to crack windows password using some tricks and commands in cmd.

But here we are not going to crack the password ,we will by pass it by clearing the password.This tutorial will be more interesting for the backtrack users because we are going to work in backtrack .

The backtrack users may be familiar with the commands which I am going to use and rest others don’t worry at all .Just keep your eyes at my commands and I am damn sure you will find it very easy.

Lets start.

OBJECTIVE :Bypassing windows login password .

Software Requirements : Backtrack OS.

Hardware Requirements :pendrive,dvd rom for booting backtrack .

Tool Used: chntpw used in backtrack.

Step 1

First of all ,boot your pendrive/dvd with backtrack .

Install backtrack or run live .

1.After installation ,open backtrack go to application

2.In drop down menu ,select Backtrack.

3.Go to Privilege Escalation.

4 . Go to Password Hacks .

5.Go to offline attacks and select chntpw.

Step 2



Step 3


Mkdir/mnt/pass // here pass is a directory name.

Step 4


mount –t ntfs-3g /dev/sdal/mnt/pass

Step 5


./chntpw -l /mnt/pass/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM

Step 6


./chntpw /mnt/pass/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM

Now you will be seeing a table contained with the user edit menu . As we need to clear the password so just press 1

And hit enter.

After this it will ask for writing hive files so type y and hit enter.

Yuppp,now the windows login password has been cleared .

The next time when you will login into the computer it will not ask for the password .


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