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Beware Business Travelers! Overseer Malware is Spying on You!


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United States based mobile security firm Lookout has found four malicious applications on Google Play Store. The point is, hackers are still bypassing Google’s security techniques and uploading hard coded malicious applications on Google Play Store. Cybercriminals are using these application to control an Overseer named malware. These applications has been designed by hackers, especially for business travelers. According to security researchers of Lookout, Overseer malware can steal sensitive information from victim’s Android device.

Which Malicious Application is it?

Lookout have find “Overseer” Malware from “Embassy Finder” named application. Mostly, business executives and foreign travelers are using this application to find local offices. In actual, this tool is totally a malware and hackers are stealing victim’s information through an encrypted network. Users have no idea that anyone is playing with their personal information. When Lookout explained this issue to Google, security team found it right and they have removed this applications and three other applications, which are doing the same job.

A Report on Overseer Malware

It is not the first time, when security researchers found Overseer malware. It was also found by researchers in some European and Russian news applications. Hackers behind this malware are using an unnamed enterprise to upload it on play store. Lookout team found that these apps had been downloaded by a number of fake customers and it also contains fake reviews. From this, Lookout came to know that hackers are using these applications only to spread Overseer malware.

After getting entry into victim’s android device, Overseer does it work anonymously. It is capable to steal victim’s personal information and device information including user accounts and passwords, full detail of contacts, device hardware information and the information of all that applications, which has been installed by victim. Hackers could also know the mobile operator used by victim, base station of cellular network and information about device rooting because Overseer is capable to detect that is the device has been rooted by its victim or not?

Hackers are successfully stealing this information, because it undetectable by IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and network monitoring tools. The only reason is, hackers are using encrypted network to transfer all the stolen information. Authors of Overseer malware are using AWS (Amazon Web Services) based Facebook Parse Server to transfer the information. For network security of Overseer, hackers are using services of another US Based Network Security company.

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